IMMIGRATION: All That You Need To Know (But They’re Not Saying)

WetbacksImmigration is a legal process; the currently invited wetback invasion is not immigration. The President encouraging it also swore to uphold the laws. Nobody takes such stuff seriously any more, right? And we can keep our doctors … The levels of hokum here can obscure the sun; we’re going to outline facts instead, to show how simple (not easy) it really is approached in that manner.

Here are some simple facts:

1. A lot of people whose lives suck see the U.S. as an opportunity for a vast improvement, if they can just get here. Much of the world’s population, in fact. (We can’t blame them.)

2. Latin Americans have the greatest opportunity for practical reasons. So the U.S. is now well supplied with them. Mostly, they have little education, speak little or no English and find U.S. culture a learning process.

3. Democrats have hooked up with them as a client group, a source of faithful votes. “Establishment” Republicans want them as a source of cheap labor.

Some background: Deporting them in tough times to leave jobs for needy Americans has a substantial history. The imported Chinese labor brought here to build the railroads was deported when the work was done. Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Truman deported Latinos during the Great Depression and after WWII to supply jobs for citizens. No novelty.

But now, both parties want cheaper competition for citizens to help lower the cost of American labor, which is uncompetitive on the world labor market. Of course, no politician can afford to say that. It is so, though.

Importing masses of folk from places with loser standards of civilization provides a higher percentage of diseased and criminal people, nor can that be voiced either. Bad enough that it gets onto the news. Trying seriously to screen them out would raise too many problems and too much expense, so it must be “overlooked.” Can”t state that, either. And one thing especially must not be said:

In the old days, the “carrying capacity” of the U.S. for immigrants (plus political considerations) was estimated, then quotas were established and enforced. It helped avoid destabilizing the host society too much. It kept spending on immigration within bounds, too. But you can’t worry about such things while holding the door wide open at the same time. If Quantity is wanted, Quality becomes a lesser consideration. (As we see.) But we don’t discuss it.

You still, even if you are a Democrat or Republican, cannot have your cake and eat it, too. But, especially if you are one of those, you can promise it …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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