Are Donald Trump and Bill Cosby a Fair Comparison?

TrumpLet’s list similarities ad differences:

1. Trump is white, Cosby is back. (Seems a big deal politically, these days.)

2. Trump is a populist; Cosby, a conservative.

3. Both avoided serious scandal until a 30 years later rape allegation hit Cosby.

4. Trump likes the limelight; Cosby has been more restrained.

5. So far as we know, neither is homosexual. Nor has either avoided the company of young women.

6. Trump is running for President; Cosby is running from bad publicity.

If we add it up, what do we have? Our opinion, no more. Yours may differ. This is what we see:

Both men raised their faces above the crowd. “Man who raise face above crowd, receive pie in same.” applies. Trump is proving popular in polls, therefore both Democrats and Republicans (who agree on most things he is denouncing) want him destroyed. Trump annoys their donors. He is the new Sarah Palin, with his own billions added. He keeps bringing up subjects that the elite have decreed shall be ignored. Therefore, the accomodative media are ignoring answering what he says in favor of ridicule and name-calling.

Cosby has for years, quietly traveled the country telling blacks to get off the dole, study in school and go to work if they want success. That is a shot at the heart of liberal piety from a successful black man. Intolerable! Cosby delenda est! He must be destroyed! And given the cost of filing a private lawsuit and the provision of publicity thereof some 30 years post facto, we suppose someone is funding the effort with no small bucks.

Note that we aren’t defending Cosby’s guilt or innocence here, merely elucidating the evidently political nature of the attack. It is hard to exclude Cosby from the standard behavior of so many other “celebrities,” We note though, that most of them are receiving a pass on it.

Trump is already treated as a clown by pundits who somehow, never get around to dealing with his facts and opinions. Cosby is lynched in advance of his trial. To us, that suggests that those who want the presidency or wish to control black votes, fear these men. They fear even more, what they stand for, which resonates with too many voters. So, destroy the messenger to kill the message.

We don’t endorse Trump for U.S. President at this point, but we’re glad he’s bringing up realities that the rest of more approved candidates ignores. These things need to be discussed. American voters are not children, to be told what’s good for them by wiser elites, or at least, we hope that is so. Cosby is identical; publishing dialogue challenging the political Revealed Truth re black people. He’s pointing out how they’ve been scammed. Cosby and Trump are to be destroyed for the same transgressions of Liberal Belief. Cosby’s sin is worse since he is himself, black and thus ungrateful.

So, we say: Considering who are the enemies of these men, what they are saying seems likely to be worth consideration. What the men themselves are worth, seems beside the point.

One more thing here: The folk most vituperative over both Trump and Cosby share one characteristic, seems to us. Their prescriptions have been followed to put us in our present moral and economic slump. They have already failed their own test; why should anyone heed them?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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