Being “Mobbed” Takes On New Meaning …

Mobbing TeensSeems it’s called “mobbing” now that it has hit home turf, imported from the big cities.  A flash mob of young teens rampaging, trashing, stealing and hurting people on the run. Fun, right?

The newbies in Albuquerque aren’t amateurs, though; six “mobbing” teens left a 60 year old man dead in his driveway. Pretty good for beginners … In   Philadelphia, where it’s become routine, the Mayor sees it as a black thing. The Albuquerque kids appear to be Hispanics. We don’t know about New York and Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.We’ll bet, though.

We’ll bet that the thugs are mostly whatever group defines the local economic underclass. In much of the U.S, that’s blacks. And Hispanics. Not because they are black or Hispanic nor yet because they are the economic underclass. It merely reflects a destructive attitude that is most common in such folk and that likewise, explains much of why they are underclassmen … and women; girls are doing this stuff, too. And we suppose, transgenders. We wish to leave no one forgotten here.

Our local newspaper ran the “mobbing” story on its front page, together with another titled: “Accused Teens Faced Rough Childhood.” Aw … our heart bleeds for those poor, downtrodden murdering thugs. Why do all those from “rough childhoods” who aren’t murdering thugs receive so little credit? A common failure of reality in this: make the evildoer into a victim to allow blaming someone else. Very human … it allows us to feel what we want to feel instead of whatever the current reality might be. Comforting!

It adds up we think, to this: If a “rough childhood” is a pass to mayhem, then we must lock up or put down all such as they are public menaces that cannot help themselves. The public needs protection from such rabid animals.

If they know perfectly well they are transgressors, then they have no excuse for afflicting innocent and helpless people and deserve no sympathy. They have well earned whatever miseries society inflicts upon them in response to antisocial actions.

We don’t claim to know why some of us are invariably destructive. We note that it isn’t necessarily related to a “rough childhood.” Thugs appear from all levels of our societies. More, we admit, from bad homes. We have no cure for bad homes, not all of which are low income places.

We have loosened the behavioral bonds of our society, now accepting much that was proscribed. That is freedom in cases where the proscription was unjust. It is just destruction when too many behavioral bonds are released with too little thought, as we seem to be doing today.It used to be described as “throwing the baby out with the bath water.”

Expect to continue crossing the street if you see a group of teens on the sidewalk ahead of you. That is what we have made for ourselves. Now, you know that it was “mobbing” when they roughed you up and stole your wallet and phone.

Very inefficient, too; that used to require only one mugger!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to Being “Mobbed” Takes On New Meaning …

  1. atimetoshare says:

    No matter what the race or social class, many of our young people are not learning to take responsibility for their actions or to understand how to solve any issue without violence.

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