GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA week’s worth of news leftovers for further contemplation:

Reported US TREASURY debt is frozen below the Congressional ceiling; the Treasury’s operations continue, suggesting that the government is ignoring the limit. (Anyone old enough to recall when the “Rule of Law” was taken seriously? The President seems also to ignores a court order blocking his  amnesties?

On the other hand, some Alabama Judges are colliding with Federal courts on gay marriage decisions. (They may need those Confederate battle flags again?)

Affordable Housing: A surging national crisis.” It’s looking like immigration and unemployment will result in more welfare tenements at taxpayer expense. ( Housing: “The mad war to house the poor in America’s suburbs.”  But where will taxpayers find the money?)

Cereals:  General Mills will drop ‘artificial’ substances and colors … (sort of.)

China is pushing commerce, building the New Silk Road into Central Asia to replace its declining Western markets … But there’s Russia, pursuing the same customers from the other end. And Central Asia is poor. (Expect more aggression on the Indian border and in the China Sea.)

Greeks are expecting more taxes .. Well, yeah. They OWE it! (But don’t laugh: So do we.)

Facial Recognition tech has improved and is in widening use. (You’re on Candid Camera; they just haven’t told you yet.)

The Vatican signed a treaty with ‘Palestine,’ (Loving Pope Francis joins the West in dissing the Jews – again. If there’s a real country of Palestine, Israel is “illegally occupying its land.”) His Holiness doesn’t seem too unhappy with all the Christian persecution in Africa and the Middle East, either. (Did you hear that the Moslem Arabs are still firing rockets into Israel? You haven’t heard? Hmnn …)

We’re informed that Future freeways will be less free: Toll lanes, mileage charges, automated cars, compulsory carpooling, etc. (Not great for our living standard of course, but the planet is more important …)

There’s a quiet Cash death going on, cash controls are coming … (watch Greece and stuff a mattress!)

Near sighted kids are being CURED with new soft lenses worn while sleeping. They reshape the eye. (No glasses in high school! WOW!)

Spanish speakers  in the US now outnumber those in Spain? Only Mexico has more? (What sort of “diversity” is that?)

Two Uber managers were ‘detained’ for questioning in France after a Paris taxi strike. (Is the French government protecting the costly cabbies … or just looking for a payoff?)

A 13 year old girl brought a video crew to her attack on a young girl holding a 3 year old. (Even brutality has production values with Facebook and Twitter!)

Puerto Rico’s Debts aren’t payable, per the Governor. The U.S. territory is Exploring bankruptcy though that is unlikely to be available. (Puerto Rico has a number of states for company. Informative too, that what is so clearly about to occur financially receives so little attention in this allegedly communicative age.)

Google skews search results, per a study. Noting what comes up on searches of politicized subjects, we tend toward  agreement.This would not be unethical if it were admitted; otherwise it is lies and fraud. (We had though that only Presidents and Congressfolk were allowed to do those …)

Mrs. Obama’s lunch rules  are now aimed at day care centers. (No more juice and cookies for tots.)

An Internet project for Indian reservations is to bring foreign workers to Montana.  The Feds predict another 127,000 such this year. (Americans don’t want to work, right?)

Most have heard that NBC Dumped Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe shows over his immigration comments. (How long has the US been a place where you aren’t allowed to do business unless you’re politically correct?)

A mob of black Teens’ trashed a Wal-Mart in Georgia, destroying all that they could. (Not worth reporting, right?)

A UK Law that permits smacking a child violates international law per a British official. (Hmnn … Does Her Majesty know that she has been superseded by the U.N?)

REPORT:   Congress, to claim extra benefits from Obamacare, has claimed to qualify as a small business. (It’s all in one’s perceptions …)

Chinese stocks have fallen some 30% since Spring; the economy is slowing. The government is stepping into the stock market to stem the shrinkage. (China isn’t Greece. Neither were the Soviets.)

Oregon: The state Labor Commission ordered payment of $135,000 to same sex couple refused a wedding cake for “emotional damages.” Then it attached a gag order preventing any public response by the punished bakers. (“Do what you’re told; or else!)

Report: A Seattle school implants IUD’s in students in 6th and higher grades without parental notification or permission. (It’s cheaper than abortions, right?)

Obamacare insurers want a 25% to 40% premium increases for next year, as reported.

Chicago  is imposing a 9% ‘Cloud Tax’ on digital streaming services. (Betcha that’s contagious?)

A British woman was arrested for stripping naked in Malaysia. We are sure that the Queen was not amused. (At least, in public.)

And so it is done for the week past; we hope you find it useful.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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