Is the ‘Free’ Internet a New Oxymoron?

.InternetHave you been told of the “Global Internet Governance Alliance?” Maybe, we’d bet not. It was new to us when we saw a reported story from the Times of China. China is a Co-Chairman of its ruling Commission. From what we can determine, it is an international effort to coordinate control of the previously free (well, not in China, Russia and such places) Internet. Can’t leave these things to their users, can we?

First we note the absolute lack of news accompanying this meeting. You might suppose that something as world-spanning and significant as planetary Internet governance would be all over the news. You’d likely be correct if anyone were reporting the actual news anymore. But our Main Stream Media are no longer news sources; they are about “infotainment” and they are quite sensitive to government desires re what they report.

The US Federal government recently grabbed control of the Internet via combined self-appointment (no new laws) of the FCC, the FTC and the FEC. We will no doubt see their regulations shortly in the US. And we will in due time see as well the application of international controls by our bright, new GIGA.

No government we believe, will willingly tolerate such an opposition rallying device as the current, ‘free’ Internet.’ Governments aren’t generally fond of competition. If you doubt, examine the present attacks on Christian and Jewish churches in US legislation and court cases. Abortion anyone? Gay marriage?

Among news sources that annoy the mighty, perhaps the top offender is the Drudge gathers news from all over the net and provides you the links. Often, the stories are those left out by the ‘major media’ to please the mighty. The ‘free’ Internet informs too many and empowers too many; it cannot be allowed to exist in the US any more than it is already tolerated in China. GIGA will tend to it. Some Congressional Republicans will huff and puff as they already have with Obamcare, illegal immigration, gay marriage etc. As with those, no change will follow the puffing. We will have as China does, an Orwillian Internet. And all those useful little news sources currently invisible to the Major Media and hence to most of us, will vanish from sight.

If present signals are reliable, few will care. Meantime, a New security law tightened Chinese web control. Will it serve GIGA as a model? You may decide. We’ll bet!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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