GLEANINGS FROM THE pASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__Neumann Saturday selections of the week’s news nuggets:

The U.N. is pursuing the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for war crimes; specifically, injuries to civilians when the Israeli Army went into Gaza to stop the missile attacks. (Shooting missiles at Israeli civilians is ok; injuring an Arab while stopping the missiles is a war crime?)

The White House  wants doctors to warn patients of global warming. (More high tech, high cost prescriptions?)

A South Carolina cop was fired after posting a Facebook photo in Confederate flag boxer shorts. (We guess that some free speech is less free than other free speech … or maybe because he was out of uniform?)

Non-white U.S. babies now outnumber white babies and whites are dying faster than they are being born. (So, as graduation rates decline and crime increases, that will be because of racism?)

A Newspaper limited op-ed commentary on gay marriage after the Supreme Court decision. (Remember when papers published opposing opinions? Are you THAT old?)

An American-owned Air Products plant in France was attacked with a resulting explosion and a severed head attached to a fence; Arabic writing decorated the head, plus an Islamic flag. (Get used to it …)

Cleanse America of its Confederate past: Eliminate the Democratic Party! (We note that Governor Nikki Haley, who seems to have started this flag brouhaha, is a Republican.)

A list of Corporate payments to pro-ObamaTrade senators who helped push through the secret trade legislation. (Put it in the bottom of a birdcage with the Obamacare liast!)

Mrs. Obama’s school lunch rules have created a black market in salt, pepper and sugar. (It’s called: “economics,” though we wouldn’t expect lawmakers to understand …)

Uber was protested by French taxi drivers in Paris, burning cars on the street. (Wouldn’t they and France do better if they adopted Uber’s methods and competed? Do they have cars in France or still use horses and buggies?)

President Obama’s new policy: The US Will Allow Ransom payments by families of kidnapped ‘hostages’ rather than prosecuting them for paying. (Both compassionate, and guaranteed to move kidnapping into mass production …)

Why were polls so wrong at the UK election? (Because they lied?)

CA Obamacare has capped the amount a patient can be charged monthly for pricey drugs. (Hmnn … is California screwing the drug sellers, or the states’ taxpayers?)

A Black teen kicked and beat a young mother holding a toddler “for being  white.” (You saw it on the news, right?)

Scientists predict a New Mini-Ice Age via decreasing solar output. (Earth still warming, though )

A Man was beaten and robbed at his table outside a coffee shop. (What happened to the tip?)

A Woman was slashed with a machete in midtown Manhattan. (Income and housing equality)

Whole Foods :  New York City charges mispriced labeling. (Who can you trust?)

A Fireman who won’t fight fires stays on payroll because he’s black, per report.(Racism?)

International banking giant HSBC is leaving Brazil and Turkey (as well as cutting 50k jobs worldwide.) (Now why would they do that?)

10 Shot at a Detroit block party. (They went to the party, right?)

A Naked couple was arrested. (But just barely …)

A Woman was hospitalized for 4 days from wearing ‘too tight’ skinny jeans. (Foolish, not funny.)

Confederate Flag sales ‘skyrocketing.’ (Like guns?)

US Marines will deploy via foreign ships; USNavy lacks capacity.  In the same navy, this (see link) Missile Target just cost the US taxpayers $13 billion.

A Drone followed a woman home from a bar, then crashed into her car. (They serve drinks to drones now?)

And so another week … Enjoy; after all, you’re helping to pay for most of it …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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