Greece, the E.U. America and Ben Franklin Face Reality

Benjamin FranklinA thought occurred to us while we awaited the E.U.’s discovery of a plausible means to rake some faux money over the Greek financial cesspool. The thought relates to the larger subject of reliance upon government, presently the reliance of Greece upon the E.U. We submit that such reliance is an perpetual illusion.

We noted recently that America’s Founders trusted in God and were avowedly suspicious of government while the American leaders whom we have elected today advise trust in government and suspicion regarding God. Quite a reversal, is it not? (Though we have read that Pope Francis’ science advisor is an avowed Atheist.)

So what are we to make of these opposed realities in the light of the irrefutable reality in which we are — well, not condemned exactly, but certainly forced, to live? Our Left folk demand these days that we replace God with Government to solve our problems. Noble government will strip the “rich” of their ill-gotten gains and parcel them out fairly to us all. A new Heaven, for which we will not have first, to die. The small voice in the background murmuring: “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” can be drowned out if we but scream loudly enough.

So as the shower’s warmth feels good and the soap has not all rinsed off yet, let us contemplate: What is Government, that we should so trust it?

Primus: We justify the existence of government out of our need for peace and order that a constant percentage of us will always attack. Only government can defend us from crime and war that are both built into us. So we have government.

But are not those who are that government of our same species? If so, a constant number of them will pursue those same evils from which we have asked government to defend us, no? And is it not the reality that government tends to attract such sociopathics even more than other pursuits? So the device we have chosen to protect us is even more likely to be infected than the rest of our society? Physician, heal thyself! A cure that has, from prehistory to now, eluded us.

In historical fact, so far as we have been able to tell, the more government that has existed in some place, the more corruption has bloomed with it. And such corruption seems inversely proportional to the wellbeing of the general public.

America’s Founders knew – and said — such things of course; our present leaders have rinsed them from the public dialogue and the public education system as well. It is hard to deify Government when its clay feet are too prominent. Best hide them in modish footgear.

President Ronald Reagan (or one of his writers) famously commented that: “Government is not the solution; government is the problem,” or words to that effect. Well, an actor, he got away with the line. But more fundamentally, government is not the problem either, though it is no solution, certainly.

Homo sapiens is the problem and it is not solved by giving him a government job. Too often, the opposite is the case. Our Founders seem to have been better realists than our present elected ‘leaders.’ Or at least, more honest.

They knew and said repeatedly, that in the end, it would be up to us. We have had plenty of warning. Before them, from both history and scripture, too. Nor were they Pollyannas over our prospects; the famous quote from Ben Franklin makes that clear enough. Asked in Philadelphia what new government the Founders had provided, he responded: “A republic … if you can keep it.”

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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8 Responses to Greece, the E.U. America and Ben Franklin Face Reality

  1. penniewoodfall says:

    Alas, the average IQ of ‘Homo sapiens is the problem’
    Or is it ‘common sense’ we are lacking?
    Fodder for the Moon!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I suppose that the average IQ suffices the species, noting that those deploring such things are commonly of upper quartile IQ levels themselves. And I further suppose that said sufficiency applies to the species, not to any particular one of us. We are after all, still here and progressing as a species despite all, at least to date. Well, sort of

      This allows those more concerned with individuals to be as depressed as they may wish, the only antidotes being wine and humor. I can vouch for both, though only for myself.

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    In the meantime…..
    The Best Of George Carlin Exposing Our Government!! via @YouTube

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