Fox News,, Government and “Low Information” But Contented Citizens

Drudge ReportThe secret ObamaTrade bill took a significant step through both houses of Congress via GOP anschluss with support from most current Republican presidential hopefuls. Not all, but most. The Dems gave us ObamacCare;the Republicans are providing ObamaTrade; both were too secret for us to comprehend until after they were passed.

We suggest that any Congressperson who hides the truth from us, does not represent us. With ObamaTrade, they are representing international corporations, per reports. Such as those that were provided the details of the bill when we were not. Just like ObamaCare. Given the similarity of action from both parties: Why do we need two? That seems illusory.

Noting that none of this aspect appears in major mediaprint, we wonder why we have major media, too. We recall sitting in a journalism class long ago: We were instructed to include the: “Who, When, What, Why and How in the first paragraph of any news story. A reader thereby knew what mattered in the shortest possible time and could elect to proceed to more diminutive detail or move on. A journalist was obliged to inform, not to entertain. And to inform efficiently at that.

No reporter worthy of his hire then would have accepted “secret” legislation; details would have been winkled out and published, with glee. Reporters worked for their audience; Congressfolk and such were The Enemy. It seems now that we are the enemy and Congressfolk and Presidents are those to be pleased. American reporters are now government shills.

It seems notable that among those incurring the ire of Government, Fox News stands high for opprobrium while the more plebeian is all but ignored in public. Yet behind the scenes, it is the Drudge Report that draws the ire of politicians who laugh off Fox. Why?

Because Fox, while anti Left in many ways, is profit-oriented infotainment, limiting itself to the same approved subjects as the rest of the major media. Drudge on the other hand, presents stories from all over, often including subjects that the government would prefer ignored. Drudge then, has a news objective rather than a propaganda one and that is not to be tolerated. Fox may oppose, but it lets no cats out of bags.

With this background, we note the recent self-appointment of the FTC, the FCC and the FEC as the new monitors of Internet rectitude, an heretofore unfilled office. We have not noticed any GOP outrage and very little media attention. We predict with little fear of error that before too long, the Drudge Report model of news gathering will be found to violate some regulation or other. Fox will continue coining money for Rupert Murdoch by acting the loyal opposition on safe subjects; none will be left to bring  unsafe ones. That, after all, upsets folk.

That “eternal vigilance” that is said to be the price of liberty is all very well, but it would interfere with our nap .

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Fox News,, Government and “Low Information” But Contented Citizens

  1. james teague says:

    First control the flow of information. Then create it the way you want it.

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