GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday serving of news nuggets:

Science marched this week: Heart muscle self-repair was triggered using stem cells and Colorectal cancer cells were transformed back into normal cells by adjusting a single gene. However, Pope Francis issued “Laudato Si,” an encyclical addressing two sciences and being panned in both. That’s ok though, Popes are only infallible on faith and morals; they can be as dumb as they like on climate and economics, the subjects here. (For those curious, Galileo’s Pope was Urban VIII.)

The Charlestown killer was apparently on the same psych drugs linked to violence, as a Long list of such killers. (Why do we hear of the killer’s guns but not of their drugs?)

Report: The Feds released 65,000 criminal illegals. (Insert appropriate comment here: ____)

The Philippines/US mutual defense pact against China’s South China Sea expansion is apparently mired in Manila politics. (We can’t save Iraq or Syria from themselves, no more the Philippines. Isn’t it time to try to try saving the U.S?)

Container Ships: Cheap money built overcapacity, killing profits as shipping demand declines with a moribund economy. (Our leaders continue pretending that somehow, “Less is More.”)

Uber  drivers were deemed employees by the CA Labor Commission. If they aren’t self-employed, Uber is stuck with payroll taxes, overtime, minimum ages and all the other add-ons that drive jobs to China. The Golden State clearly needs no new businesses. (What will present Uber drivers now do to live? If they’re employees, they should be eligible for unemployment insurance …)

A Neighbor who phoned in a complaint of loud love-making to 911, was stabbed by the couple.(We guess that the point was made.)

The Texas Bullion Depositary Bill has created the first non-Federal gold vault. (If this doesn’t tell you something, don’t worry your little head over it.)

At the UL Bank: Some 600,000 payments went missing from customer accounts overnight. A “glitch,” the bank said. (Preparing for the wonderful opportunities to be offered by the coming “cashless society?”)

McDonald’s response to the $15 hr. min wage: The new touch-screen cashier. (Reality may suck as advertised; it remains: REALITY!

Using authority from early last century telephone law, the FCC issued its first Internet regulations. 328 pages of them. The heretofore ‘free’ Internet is now the government regulated Internet. (For your good, naturally. Perhaps you will want to think before you post …)

The FDA has ruled out trans fat use by food makers within 3 years. (The stuff is not proven safe, is linked somehow to obesity and even to heart disease.. On the other hand, it is not proven unsafe, either …) Where are all the lawsuits?

The bond market is incredibly volatile. Suggestion: Consider reducing bond investments to cash …

Facility Residents complained of a camera aimed at the hot tub. (Really?)

IQ Test: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) out did humans. (We hope so; otherwise, why build the damn thing?)

The most advanced climate data show the US in a 10 year cooling trend. However, the U.N. climate folk haven’t “adjusted” them yet …

A New York high school student graded 85 – 95 on classwork but failed the end of the year Regents’ exams. For some reason, his mom was upset. (Why?)

Corrupt cops were caught by an overlooked security camera misbehaving at an unlicensed pot shop raid.

Question: If you can be transgender, why can’t you be transracial?

A naked nurse was accused of attacking a patient.

And that ought to be enough for one week!

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