GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannBits of information that we thought you might like knowing, in case you don’t:

Finland is following Greece and preceding most of non-German Europe into financial reality, sort of. (Another cloud on the horizon, no larger than a man’s hand …)

The GOP base rose up and won big in Nevada, replacing the big spenders with ‘small government’ Republican officials supplied by the party. But somehow, nothing has changed.  (Dreams die hard.)

The “Probably No Connection” Department: A report that the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary was Secretary of State, received some millions in donations from a shady Nigerian official … while State dragged its feet listing Boko Haram as a terrorist.

ABC seems to have predicted in 2008 that New York City would be underwater by now, of global warming. (Don’t laugh; whether or not we’re getting the warming … we’re paying for it!)

A Local black leader, (NAACP Chapter President) was outed by her two lily-white parents. The NAACP said it supports her. (But maybe she could work on her tan …)

Folk worried about Americans losing jobs to robots (It’s happening) are warned by the New York Times: China is switching to robots!  (It’s called ‘competition,’ silly. China competes with us now; our politicians won’t admit that we have to compete with China.)

A  Woman was arrested for hitting her “unfaithful” boyfriend with a thrown hamburger. (We don’t know whether he had fries with that.)

The bond market, widely expected to be the coal mine canary for central bank money pumping, is become twitchy indeed. (It sounds insane, but folks are increasingly having to be paid to borrow or hold someone’s money. WE ARE NOT BEING FUNNY!)

A   Houston cop was shot in the back after a routine traffic stop. (Apply to the Obama Administration for a cop-hunting license as the season progresses?)

Argentina’s finances and defaulted debt took a big hit in a New York courtroom. Hedge funds want their loans repaid but Argentina spent the money … (How does it end up when everybody owes everybody else more than they can pay?)

Another kids’ lemonade stand was shut down by cops for lacking a permit. (Didn’t President Coolidge say that the business of America was business? But we guess that they still had Republicans then.)

The Secret Court that (secretly) fig leafs Obama Administration spying was asked by the Administration to ignore the order of the Federal Appellate Court that put NSA warrantless mass snooping on hold. (Is the U.S. Constitution a secret now too?)

International banking giant  HSBC plans to shed 50,000 jobs in a quest for higher earnings. (When you hear such reports, what do you think is likely happening elsewhere?)

The families of Yemen drone strike victims sued in Washington, D.C. (Hmnn … We’ve heard of ‘ambulance chasing’ attorneys; now it’s ‘drone chasers?’)

For those wishing to help the environment: Jasper National Park needs bear poop collectors.

New Federal gun regulations allegedly will require Federal permission to write, speak or publish gun details. Well, maybe. Seems like a reach to us, though. You may decide, if you’re interested.

GDP forecasts are shrinking and the IMF has panicked, demanding that the Fed hold off its impending rate increase for a year.  (Ain’t it great?  Big shot bankers playing chicken with your money!)

ISIS folk are complaining on social media of long waits and favoritism picking suicide bombers. (Insert appropriate comment here:_______)

The Environmental folk in Washington ( EPA) are mandating more production of corn-based alcohol for gasoline additives. (Never mind that it is costly, bad for the environment and raises food prices.)

Spain is capsizing its traditional political parties; as in Greece, voters will no longer accept their results. You are welcome to disagree, but we suspect that the U.S. will reach the same point before long.)

Oregon is testing a pay-per-mile replacement for its gasoline tax. (If you don’t drive much, you’re gonna love it!)

A German man has broken the Guinness World Record with a 30 ft. tall sunflower plant. With that, you cannot claim that you have not been informed!

And so, another week. You somehow got through it; look back and enjoy it!


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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  1. penniewoodfall says:

    Hahaha! …I’m still suckling.
    Hangovers…..wot hangovers?

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