Is It Just Us, Or Is The Lack Of News Telling Us Something?

.MediaThis is more a question than an opinion. An opinion has been forming itself mostly in the background until it popped up of itself. Is it only we who are noticing the provision of decreasing amounts of news?

The newsfolk now appear to us to spend endless hours repeating the same overmasticated material, filing in between with what we used to refer to as “soap opera.” Endless hours of iterations of Ebola, ISIS or corruption in professional soccer, followed by the Jenner sex show. What’s with the economy in China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France? The U.S? (Mandatory ‘recovery’ for that last).

Have you heard that the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs are lobbing rockets from Gaza into Israel again? We’d  bet that you have not, in the U.S. at any rate. It is reported in a few places that the Russians are reheating the covert Ukraine invasion; heard that? The Venezuelan economy is self-destructing with galloping inflation, too. And the Pakistanis released the jihadists who shot up a teen aged schoolgirl named Malala. None of that seems to be news.

We’ve been noting recently that the main, front-page story in our local daily newspaper is usually some form of “infotainment,” the sort of thing that was at one time, a specialty of a type of reporter derisively referred to as a “sob sister.” Now, it’s front page stuff. What was once called “hard news” – isn’t, seems to us.

We note at the same time, that Congress is commonly expected to vote on bills whose contents are deemed too secret for us to know; ObamTrade in case at present. ObamacCare very much in point as well.

All this puts us in mind of our days as a four-year-old: Our questions often elicited the reply: “You wouldn’t understand.” With time, that turned out true enough.

But we are not four years old now and nor do we hold politicians in the same trust as we held our parents. The general agreement to withhold some things from children in those days has been called “the Adult Conspiracy.” We can see how today’s paucity of news might fit “conspiracy” but we see little that is adult about it; it rather appears to assume juvenile incompetence on the part of voters. Or of course, perhaps just corrupt dishonesty on the part of government?

That would be news, right?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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10 Responses to Is It Just Us, Or Is The Lack Of News Telling Us Something?

  1. Oh yes! I’ve been noticing that, too. I’ve actually been combing the internet trying to find some “news.” News has suddenly become a rerun of vastly insignificant stuff nobody cares about. I heard mention of the ObamaTrade act, hands being shook, but absolutely no substance provided. But hey, Jenner got a sex change and apparently women fib more often then men.

  2. penniewoodfall says:

    Good one….
    Let’s keep on infantalizing society… keep suckling on the proverbial teat….. leads to being blissfully unaware. Oh Joy! grin

  3. the unit says:

    Reminds me, being older, when I came out of Dollar General the other day and noticed my pants weren’t zipped up. I try not to go more than twice a week. Don’t like to tax my memory.

  4. james teague says:

    Blindside while keeping low info voter enraged, chanting inanities. Texas pool party that was admitted to have gotten out of hand will now cause loss of an officer’s job because people would not respond to order to disperse peaceably.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      We seem to be firing a lot of people over internet posts and other forms of public statements and/or behavior. Then the fact is widely advertised.

      Is this our updated version of the stocks and the ducking stool?

  5. james teague says:

    Try finding out why banks are working to eliminate cash transactions of any kind.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, HSBC announced plans to drop 20,000 employees world wide for one thing and the government would love to be able to prevent anyone buying anything at any time, betcha!

      On the other hand, it would likely result in the world’s largest, instant black market out of necessity. Government might like that too; everyone an instant criminal, ready made.

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