Alfred_E__NeumannAn economic analyst noticed that the Government’s numbers apparently aren’t adding up: He expected the usual relationship between employment, productivity and GDP in the recent reports …

Some of the GOP leaders pushing supersecret ObamaTrade haven’t read it? (Good grief; why should they, these days?)

The NBA claims that there is no suggestion of FIFA (soccer) style corruption in basketball. (Certainly not; each big bucks pro league has its own unique style!)

We wonder why few are noticing the secret TransAtlantic trade pact that is moving along so quietly with its noisier secret, TransPacific brother?

Global Warmists at NOAA, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) are so boggled by the approaching two decade ‘pause’ in warming that they have  re-written their data to produce the missing warmth. (When fact and theory disagree: Get new facts!) But, what to do about the disagreeable satellite data?

In  Brooklyn: Two women were stabbed and six burned with drain cleaner in a fight. (Race was avoided in the report; we will do likewise.)

A supermarket Plastic Bag Fee was repealed in Dallas. (Somehow, we doubt that San Francisco is next.)

Some 3700 high-threat illegal alien criminals were released onto the streets.

Your EPA is reducing its aircraft emissions allowance again, to fight global warming (and air trvel?).

Chimps can cook! (Scientists testify; no stars yet awarded.)

The California Senate is pushing healthcare for illegals. (No mention of who will pay for it.)

A Sturgeon jumped from the Florida water, knocking a teen boy unconscious. (He must have been pretty unconscious to begin with.)

More Retirees will face foreclosure as cheap money and home equity loans go bad with rising interest rates. Or as fixed incomes fail with inflation if rates don’t rise. Nothing (and especially any politician) is free …

A  Pakistani Cleric requested military action against women wearing jeans who are causing earthquakes.

Past House Speaker Dennis Hastert is accused of corruption for withdrawing less of his money than he could have withdrawn. Old and unproven accusations of pedophilia accompany the event. We cannot know whatever truth may exist; one we suppose is that he is guilty at least of being an available Republican when too many Dems are under fire.

Iran’s nuclear stockpile grows as negotiations proceed. (Duh!)

Turkey’s President Erdogan is suing his opposition for claiming that the palace into which he recently moved ‘to avoid cockroaches,’ has gold plated toilet seats. (A wise Prez would butt out …)

Obamacare: Insurers are seeking large premium hikes for 2016. The GOP is willing to extend the subsidies if the Supremes chop them. (While Obamacare remains unworkable, both parties are dedicated to its retention. (One way or another, health care will cost much more.) Betcha?

TSA failed airport weapons-smuggling tests; the interim Director was removed. The Pentagon mishandles live anthrax, sending the virus to dozens of labs world wide. (And these guys should manage an economy?).

The St. Paul Schools paid millions for advice on handling “‘white privilege.” (Seems they received what they dseswrved.)

Road Rage: A woman motorist, 24, chased, knocked down and ran over a 39 year old motorcyclist. Her mother said it was his fault. No race info; we admit curiosity … and a suspicion of abridged facts.

Is the US planning to facedown China in the South China Sea? Bearding bullies is a fun feeling … when one can afford it. Do we need another war now? Does China? Can either afford it? Does that even matter anymore?

Homelessness: The long gone County Poorhouse looks better, these days.  (Sta. Clara Cty. Study) 5% of homeless cost much of the spending. Are we thinking revival of county poorhouses to clear the streets? (Back to the Future!)

People focused on California haven’t notice that the drought involves both Americas. Political ramifications are huge. (Economic ones, too.)

With Greece receiving such news as leaks these days, conditions in Spain are essentially ignored. That seems unwise, if politically serviceable. Best to know what’s coming, right? Before it falls on you?

The US Navy – Preparing for the last war at four times the price. Some things never change. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to what’s actually needed when wars arrive. (Try telling that to an Admiral?)

A small coastal town reacted to sea lions crowding its docks by launching a fake killer whale, which capsized. Sea lions were unmoved. Sea lions are smart. So was whoever sold the town the fake orca. The factotums who bought the idea and paid for the ‘orca?’ Not so much …

A naked man was arrested after running through the streets. (We’re starting to wonder exactly why this is a crime, let alone a news story, given today’s standards.)

Nevertheless, it marks the end tonight.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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