EuroMighty Huddle Over Greeks: Who’s Gonna Blink? (And Who Cares?)

Greek CrisisWhat would you think if your father, mother, aunts and uncles had held a rush, unpublished meeting concerning your cousin? Such as E.U. mighty have just done re Greece? Yeah, exactly.

Greece is about to become the little boy yelling out that the EuroEmperor is naked. (Our opinion; feel free to argue.) We see the entire Western Civilization (plus others) resting on the absurd notion that somehow, if government does the thing, an economy may be enriched by draining money out of it so as to be restored to it by government. You can save a patient by a transfusion of blood first drained from that patient. Right.

The robbing of the rich by the powerful is common in history; thereby, those powerful have always joined those rich. Never in all of history has the result been the enrichment of the poor. Still, that is the result that has been sold European and American voters to construct the “Welfare State,” somehow more wedded to the general weal than to the benefit of the powerful. And pigs fly, too.

Silly as it sounds, we are now receiving the earliest invoices for our subscription to this message via a diminishing economy still plausibly denied by politicians in power. In a word, the degree of state support of the population now sold as an entitlement has created an unsupportable and unrepayable debt that is bringing down the financial system upon which all depend. The jolly “socialists live off the rich” began in Europe; there is justice that this financial Waterloo is located there.

It seems ironic that this Waterloo should be located in Greece, the nexus of both human rationality and the concurrent inability to benefit from it. Greeks know that one cannot spend oneself rich yet Greeks elect politicians offering that and riot when it is not forthcoming. Inexcusable! Damn Greeks must be human beings, right? (We’re not suppose to notice the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians and French lined up behind them.), Even the dour, Reformed Germans are face to face with their need for solvent customers. And their sit the Greeks, threatening to blow the whole deal to avoid imposing reality upon unwilling voters.

But the voters who aren’t Greek are unwilling, too. Unwilling to fund Greece at their own expense past the considerable present. Being an E.U. politician is becoming less fun. One might have to assume real responsibility, if one can imagine that.

The Euro Mighty just scrambled together to decide whether to cave to the Greeks by pouring more Euros down their rathole or to risk reality by refusing. We will see. Poised in the wings: the U.S. that must succeed with such disproven nostrums because it is “too big to fail.” Sure.

Now these are our views of reality, not reality itself. We hope that somewhere out there, someone may explain why our view is mistaken and does not predict what is on the way. We offer debate, not prophecy and mislike our predictions besides. But so it seems to us.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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