The New Internet War Under Way (A Program To Identify The Players)

CensorshipThere’s a war in progress for domination of the Internet; it’s world wide.

Many realize that China’s internet is heavily censored; much foreign information is blocked and Chinese users are monitored. Some are aware that Russia has restored Soviet (and Czarist) control of the media. Some have noticed that the U.S. “mainstream media” carry the government’s water, even the official opposition at Fox News to a degree.

News reports have informed us that ICANN, the custodian of Internet names and addresses, is leaving U.S. Government supervision as that annoyed other countries.  Reported too have been the assertions of regulatory authority  over the Internet by the FCC, the FEC  and the FTC.

Meanwhile, the fight over setting fair international standards (i.e. control) has Russia and China lined up to demand that each government should determine its own internet rules while the U.S. and its allies want an “open” Internet for the world. (It says here …) Yeah.

Commercial interests want as large an unrestricted marketing area as they can manage, not different rules for different countries. They’re big political donors. Not so much goes to Russia and China, however. They’ll likely get what they want so far as advertising and sales go, we suppose. But it all seems a stage show to us.

Every significant government will, we assume, take control of the Internet inside its borders to some degree. Too much money and power are involved for any politician to overlook. The ultimate pattern seems aimed to resemble the radio and TV networks of the past with broad international standards and variable local government control of content. It will not be censorship; it will be regulation in the U.S. Right.

We see the bones of it now, when Facebook or Twitter shut downs some “offensive” site or posting. It will save us from people organizing to bomb places and of course, it will save us from other presently unstated things, too.

Most folks likely won’t notice, so long as they remain happy or at least unoffended by the political status quo.

But the presently World Wide Web will be so only technically from this point forward, for our own good, naturally.

That’s the big picture;  China is the joker just now. A top level Chinese Army General said publicly that China regards the Internet as a present battlefield in an ongoing war with the U.S. et al. Chinese investment in hacking and attacks traced to that, bear him out. From this, it seems to us that we should regard the Internet from here on as a two-edged sword; a source of both benefits and dangers. And we suppose that governments will be increasingly ‘protecting’ us from the dangers, using their own definition for what is dangerous.

the FCC, The FEC and the FCC. a

untries pick sides in global fight for the Internet. China: Internet means war. (PLA idealogical struggle)

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