GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannSaturday’s collection of gold and fool’s gold for your sorting:

Saudi Arabia, now that the Prez is making nice with Iran, will go nuclear. (Followed by …)

U.S. Marines have been practicing subduing citizens inside an internment camp. (Why, when we’re recovering?)

The ABC “Credibility Crisis” over George Stephanopolous’ donations to the Clinton Foundation has faded already.  Media folk are plentiful among Clinton Foundation donors. (The hypocrisy isn’t George’s donation; its ABC’s calling its product “journalism.”)

ICANN, theInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is going private, leaving U.S. government supervision. (We guess that the FEC, FTC and FCC moving in will compensate.)

The Border Patrol is operating highway checkpoints inside the U.S, like the D.E.A. does. (We guess that since they don’t seem to stop wetbacks anymore, they want to stop somebody.)

The Obama trade deal (TPP)  being sneaked through the Senate by the Prez and the GOP is kept so secret that Senators can’t have a copy. They can look at it only under supervision, taking no notes. Some big corporations have copies, though. (What’s that about a pig in a poke?) The Democrats tried to break the secrecy; were blocked by Republicans. (How do we tell who are the villains anymore?)

The Vatican will sign ‘treaty’ with the ‘State of Palestine.” (The War on Israel proceeds)

Harvard was accused of anti-Asian admissions bias by group. (News media and Al Sharpton were busy and haven’t noticed …)

The Immigration Court case backlog: 445,000. (With 223 judges) Anyone want to guess the outcone?

China: Nothing the government does to encourage the economy is working. (Like Russia, it is becoming aggressive with its neighbors, especially in the South China Sea.) P.S. Nothing the U.S. government does works either …

Turkey: President Erdogan asked voters to elect his party because he intends to reclaim Jerusalem. (At this point, if the Jews were smart, they’d sell the place and buy France …)

A Drone spied on a woman having breakfast in her condo. (Get used to it, we guess.)

HSBC will charge for holding deposits. (Money is so cheap we have to pay folks to take it …)

Bank of America has warned investors: The economy is in the “Twilight Zone”, hold cash and gold. (Consider that they’re ruling out B of A stock, if you aren’t frightened enough already.)

In Venezuela in January, there were 175 Bolivars/Dollar; now there are 414/Dollar. (Still another monument to the wonders of socialism …)

The Fed’s policies could produce disaster, per The Economist. (NOW they tell us!)

Iran flatly rejected access to military sites and scientists. (Trust Me!)

The Dept of Justice will send millions of dollars and ‘community organizers’ into racially challenged, crime-filled cities. (Great! It worked so well in Ferguson and Baltimore!)

32 States face financial crises. (Buying votes gets expensive, even using the voter’s money.)

Russia is violating its nuclear weapons pact with the U.S. (We guess that’s a secret, too …)

A Naked man threatened Long Island Costco customers. (A poor Wal-Mart employee who couldn’t afford clothing?)

A half-naked woman displayed rage after arrest. (Seems to us, she displayed more than that … )

So, a week’s worth (or worthless), now all yours …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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