The Great Global Warming Policy Foundation Data Investigation: Any Bets?

Global WarmingThe Global Warming Policy Foundation has  assigned a group of top scientists to investigate the data that underlie the global warming hypothesis. That this is done is proof positive that the much-decried “skeptics” or more recently, “deniers” have not gone away … nor been refuted.

Man-made warming has been adopted by leading politicians – even Pope Francis – and billions of dollars and great political power are involved. If that fails to rouse suspicions, you aren’t smart enough to read the rest of this.

First warning: The warming crowd claimed that their shtick was “settled science.” Anyone with any science in their education or even, in their light reading, knows that science is never “settled.” Challenges to current assumptions are the road to progress; nothing is ever certain in science. That’s the way it works. Hearing: “settled” is a red flag to any professional.

Then it turned out that the data upon which the planetary warming asserted rests, are proprietary, secret, not available to us. Carefully guarded by the apostles of warming, no less. Hmnn …

Then, some of those data fell into the hands of unbelievers, who found big holes in them; evidence that they had been: “adjusted.” Slavering skeptics leaped upon that, it was scandalous. That isn’t science. Behind the scenes, (we don’t want the public distracted, right?) the scientific froth bubbled so much that something more than calling skeptics bad names was required. In science, data are sacred. (Not always honest of course, but sacred.)

So the Global Warming Foundation anointed some unsuspecting Eminences Grise to evaluate the adequacy and honesty of the data and then tell us about it. The group in other works, is under a death sentence.

If, as everyone with any statistical or scientific pretensions well know, they find the data pristine and accurate, they will have irrevocably prostituted themselves and their anointing organization; a scientific suicide. If contrariwise, they advertise the fallacies inherent in this mess, they will be seeing multiple government, corporate and academic drones overhead, stuffed with weapons of mass career destruction. Somewhere, Hobson is laughing at the choice that lies before them.

We have no idea how they will ultimately try to survive their assignment. Nor does it matter: one way or the other, they are dead. If publicly opposing President Obama is a risk, imagine opposing all the world leaders plus Pope Francis? Sucking up to them clearly contrary to the laws of physics is little better. The laws of physics have been around longer than any current politicians, after all. Flip a coin: Heads, the politicians win; tails, the “investigators” lose. Yeah …

So what do we predict? Well, to start, a very thorough investigation. So thorough that with any luck, the investigators can make it last until their retirement. However, the day after the next stock market collapse, all bets are off. That will deal a new political hand, which trumps science. (You may ask Galileo about that.)

Meantime, our ignorant planet being limited to reality without understanding human politics, will continue to do what it intends. Just now, it appears to intend shifting Arctic cold further south while allowing southern warmth to infiltrate the Arctic. (Or not.) With or without any connection to this, the North Magnetic Pole appears to have undertaken a journey from northern Canada toward Russia, with amazingly little notice, though NASA has commented.  None of that of course, affects the accuracy of the disputed global warming data. But it’s fun to talk about.

With the remaining time between now and the next financial collapse defined as the timeline, does anyone care to place a bet upon the date the “Leading Scientists” of the Global Warming Policy Foundation will present their conclusions to the public? (We’re too chicken …)

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to The Great Global Warming Policy Foundation Data Investigation: Any Bets?

  1. the unit says:

    Settled. This morning while waiting for my wife to get a root canal treatment on a upper left molar by a right handed endodontist, I read the joke section of a recent Reader’s Digest. (Doc’s office had pretty current mags)
    Two friends, one a Christian and one a Jew, were in a discussion. The Jew said to the Christian…”How can you believe in Jesus, walking on water, changing water into wine, and healing the lame? I can’t remember exactly what all the Christian said other than the water walking…”Maybe he was stepping on stones just underneath the surface.” Then the Christian asked the Jew…”How can you believe in Moses, parting the Red Sea?” Jew said…”Wasn’t that remarkable!”

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