GLEANING FROM THE PASSING SCENE… (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannSaturday’s collection of bits that somehow, struck our attention:

Renters: 25% use half their pay for housing costs. (Saps think they’re entitled to a whole apartment for a single family?) New Construction spending decline befuddles economists. We guess that economists don’t get poverty, for some reason … (Maybe it makes their political masters look bad?)

Hip, knee, shoulder and heart transplants are just the human version of a new engine or transmission these days. Now a doctor is selling Head Transplants. Before we sign up though: Which is the new part: the body or the head? (You may not care; it makes a difference to us!)

10 healthy, happy and admittedly smart Kentucky Kids were taken from their family farm in a Sheriff’s unannounced and warrantless raid and turned over to the Child Welfare Service, which objected to their parents’ ‘off the grid’ lifestyle and home schooling. The  DEA confiscated $16k cash from young black train passenger (civil asset forfeiture) because he might be a drug dealer. He wasn’t; they kept the cash anyway. (The Land of the Free!)

The Afghan Minister of Women’s Affairs hopes for women to be given the dignity and treatment presently awarded to animals. (We guess that maybe a decent animal brings more money at the bazaar.)

A Naked State Senator shot up his ex wife’s Mercedes with a rifle. (He should market the video under commercial sponsorship)

New York’s new Mayor faces the return of Central Park muggings, by a knife-wielding mugger and roving packs of teens. His predecessor had rid the park of such, but he was a mean Republican.

A San Diego State University art course required that the students take the final exam, nude. The professor enforced equality; he was nude too. Somehow, some folks were upset. (These days? Why?)

The Feds approved a $471,000 Study  of pregnant women walking.  (Enter comment here:              )

The Obamacare government website in Hawaii is closing on account of insolvency. (Since when does that matter?)

We’re recovering nicely, unemployment is down to only 5.4% … and Manufacturing  employment is down 37% from its 1979 peak.

An HSBC Warning: The world economy faces a huge problem. Add that Chicago debt has been downgraded to junk by credit-rater Moody’s. So with Chicago Public Schools, too. (Who has eyes to see, let him see …”)

The Department of Homeland Security ( DHS) somehow, fails to track the number of illegals allowed to stay in the U.S (Too busy letting in new ones?)

U.S. Special Forces are training with cops for house-to-house raids.(Why?) Baltimore ‘protesters’ burned 61 buildings, injured 113 cops, damaged 350 businesses. (Aren’t black folk allowed to do that?)

Democrat presidential hopeful (the ‘Not Hillary) Martin O’Malley: Americans in cities are worse off than 8 years ago. (Damn! Always someone who hasn’t got the word …)

A Hearse driver was fired for leaving the vehicle with a flag-draped vet’s coffin in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot. (That’s mean; it wasn’t a bar …)

An Off-duty cop used his gun to break the nose and smash out the teeth of an elderly man who had honked at him for his driving. (Bet the old guy wasn’t black?) Police: Morale is low in departments across the country. (But at least ONE cop feels better now?)

The Feds will spend $2M for attorneys to represent illegal alien kids in court.

A Dead newborn  was dropped off with a New York high school nurse by its mom. (We guess that she has been taught not to litter?)

A Liberal teacher: Common Core is like education laws in the Soviet Union. (She noticed!)

A Gynecologist left a mobile phone in a patient after a C – section. (Hmnn … Was it found by the NSA?)

And thus another wistful week wanders away.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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