Pope Francis, Cuba’s Castro And “Any Port In A Storm”

Pope FrancisWestern society, erstwhile “Christendom,” seems to be casting off religion. So too with Moslem nations and Israel. Generally following precepts of the political Left, Israelis and Christians are substituting Leftish governments for their previous God; Moslems appear to be in pursuit of what Westerners have.

Results so far are different: Israel is more secular as is the United States and Europe. The Middle East is collapsing; unlike the first two, Islam will not fade in peace. Islam arrived in blood and fire and has no other answer for modernity.

The Pope, a Latin American Jesuit in Franciscan drag, seems to be trying to take the Church farther left, extolling Social Justice and blasting climate change deniers; Cuba’s Castro says Francis may bring him back to the Church. Israel’s Prime Minister has become less obsequious recently instead, in recognition of the Obama Administration tossing him under the bus in favor of Iran. (Quietly forming a hew Odd Couple with Saudi Arabia in reaction.)

In America, the Obamafolk and Congress have defenestrated both Christians and Jew (Catholics particularly) with legislation forcing acceptance of birth control and abortion with gay nuptials in the wings. Yet Catholics ad Jews remain stanch Democrats. That has a reason.

The alternative GOP , whatever it chooses to say, stands for the same offensive behavior toward the churches and is traditionally anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic besides. Catholics and Jews are between a frying pan and the fire in America. And His Holiness is sucking up to the Left. He has a problem; nowhere decent to turn. All significant Western governments seem to us to want him where the Russian Orthodox Church fits in Russia.

Whether religion will recapture masses of citizens as the financial system hits its next snag remains to be seen; it has happened before. Hard times often send a lot of folks back to church. But not always; it appears to depend a lot upon whomever the citizens blame for the bad conditions.

We note that the Federal government is sending the Department of Justice after  Standard  & Poors credit rating agency after it downgraded U.S. government bonds and Moody’s, the other credit rating behemoth, just relegated Chicago’s credit to junk status. It’s more difficult to rate the future of Judaism, Christianity and Islam but none of them rates as a good investment just now. Nor does the society for which they were once, bedrock. (Marines are practicing controlling citizens internment camps.)

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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