Will The Coming Riotous Black Summer Be Farce, Or Tragedy?

Baltimore RiotSome four years ago, economic inequality was the cause du jour and “Occupy Wall Street” was the name of the organized protests and quasi-riots used to pursue its agenda. Mostly young, mostly white and mostly unemployed ‘protesters’ marched, yelled and quasi-rioted. The performances gained headlines and fizzled out. It turned out that it had been organized and financed by the political Left; some number of the ‘protesters” were paid for their services.

It seems likely that the same interests are now financing and organizing black protests aimed at policing. Other than the change of cast members, the scene seems to follow the same script. The lines of buses that brought in ‘activists’ from elsewhere are similar and had to be were not free. As with the Occupiers, some of the black thugs admitted that they were on a payroll. A common denominator has been the presence of  organizers from the Department of Justice.

Another commonality has been the  generation of black hysteria by allegations of unjustified shootings of blacks by a white in Florida (who turned out to be Hispanic) and by police in Ferguson and Baltimore. In all cases, these allegations have failed to stand up under investigation but they provided the hot iron needed to ignite the resulting ‘protests’ and to bring in the imported rioters. In Baltimore, an apparently hyperefficient prosecutor appears to have prepared her charges  against police officers even before the evidence was fully available.

The scene is starting to resemble a hit movie followed by its train of sequels. If the goal is to destabilize the U.S. as some of the right wing conspiracy crowd seem to hold, it is a continuing fizzle. Whatever the goal, there seems reason to suppose that it is stage-managed by someone for some reason; it cannot be spontaneous when those lines of busses from other places typify all the events. Someone is paying the freight.

One obvious goal is stirring up the black community and exacerbating its anti-white emotions. Another is demonizing the police and bringing them under more Federal influence, as the ongoing ‘investigations’ of local police by the Department of Justice illustrate. Another is the murder of  two cops killed in Mississippi by Curtis and Marvin Banks. (No information was reported re their race; we presume they are black.). Killings of police are on the rise; a Sheriff blames what he calls President Obama’s “War on Police.

We are warned to expect a Long, hot summer of black rioting. We presume that it has already been organized and financed. TIME magazine said that the coming riots will be about class warfare and how the poor are held back, not only race. A black Professor says that the riots prove the existence of white privilege and racism. We guess that the good professor didn’t study logic; where we came from, that would have been classified as a logical error of assuming what needs to be proven. Oh well …

We don’t know of course, but it does seem that these ‘riots’ are really Left sponsored theater, planned, organized and financed for some Lefty goal. Your guess as to what it may be is no doubt, as good as ours. So far, it has been a fizzle as much as has been the the Service Employees International Union’s ‘nation-wide strikes’ against McDonald’s in pursuit of a $15 hr. minimum wage. The Left has a tendency to overreach, as the Right likes to do the opposite.

But the Obama Administration is training the military this summer to move in on destabilized local governments; you may follow “Operation Jade Helmet” as it proceeds. The whole scene of summer riots, troop training and debased local police seems from a little distance, more farce than reality in America. So did Hitler early on; watch a rerun of the movie: “The Great Dictator” if you doubt. We will have as always in reality, to wait and see. And be grateful if we aren’t operating a small business in a black ghetto …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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