GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannHere we are again, gathering up the leavings of another week …

The Author of: “Clinton Cash,” the tell all book exposing the Clinton Foundation to scrutiny, has had to hire full time security. (Why, do you suppose?)

A new Chemical Technique  can switch behavior (such as voracious eating) off and on in mice. (Will business or government fund the next stage of this research?) Hmnn … will a tinfoil hat defeat this?

Iran: Per V.P. Joe Biden, the path has already been paved for a nuclear bomb. We get it; short of invading, our Prez really can’t stop it. But what’s the U.S. getting out of paving the path?

Chinese scientists are using new Gene Editing techniques on human embryos. (Will governments design babies as well as God has been doing it?) Or whoever you prefer to blame instead …

The fallacy of Global Warming is explained by the London Telegraph and we are warned that Global Cooling seems set to cripple agriculture within 10 years. (Are wine and chocolate good or bad for you this week?) NOTE: We recall UN Scientists warning us of an 8 year “Tipping point” for warming … in 2007. (Never mind)

Major U.S. Retailers are closing more than 6,000 stores in recognition of both Internet competition and reduced consumer spending. (The recovery marches on … )

Obamacare: Contrary to its stated goal, ER visits have increased. (Well, and we’re keeping our doctors, right?)

A new Factory (Setting up in Louisville) will have 100 3D printers, 3 employees. One for each shift. China announced its first all-robot manufacturing plant. (If nobody’s paid to make stuff, who’s gonna have money to buy it?)

A Man assaulted two guards while he was being let out of jail.

A U.N. Panel banned reporters from a meeting on press freedom. (Reality sucks!)

Four Clinton Foundation board members were charged or convicted of financial crimes per a new book.

A Man was raped at gunpoint by 3 women collecting semen. (Serves him right for acting seductive, right?)

A (black) Professor blamed black riots on “white privilege;” demands government mass surveillance of whites. (Hmnn … will he insist on hiring Chinese watchers?)

Anti-Cholesterol use of statins is reported to increase diabetes risk to 87%. (Decisions, decisions!)

Congress told a court that Congress can’t be investigated for insider trading. (What was that “rule of law” thing that the Founders talked about so much?)

Social Security is in worse shape than thought, per a study. (Why not; so is everything else … )

The Administration ignored a court injunction halting the President’s Executive Order amnesty, continuing to grant thousands more while lying about it. Later, it was explained as “an accident.”

A naked woman dumped her naked husband and child at rest stop.

Nearly half the States are facing large budget gaps. (What should their taxpayers expect?)

The number of acts that that are crimes has increased 50% since 1980. (They can now come for you any time that they want …)

Microchip implants coming? Actually, they’re here already; it’s just that for the moment, they’re sort of optional.

A report states that 42% of dating app “Tinder” users already have partners.

With that, we can give this week a rest, awaiting the next with trepidation.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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