Black Rioters And Moslem Terrorists Impose Their Wills By Destruction

Baltimore RiotIn troubled Baltimore to date, we have seen: 144 cars/15 buildings burned, 235 rioters arrested and now clogging the local criminal processing system. Those are not the most informative data. We heard that the Baltimore rioters who burned and trashed, were bussed in from elsewhere and that they included many of the same folk who trashed Ferguson.

We heard that Baltimore’s  Mayor ordered the police to provide space for rioters to destroy property, something she denied even after a recording of her statement was played on news shows. We heard of a  Shopkeeper who called police 50 times, with no response.We heard of  at least 9 journalists attacked; some robbed and beaten. The City Council Prez apologized to rioters. (For calling them thugs).

What is going on? In Florida, George Zimmerman was found to have been defending himself from a young black thug, Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown attacked the police officer who shot him. in Ferguson. We don’t know what happened in Baltimore, but that a black man died in police custody. The blacks who run the city are not releasing the details of that death. Yet all have been grounds for black riots provided by paid, imported hired guns as much or more than by locals. It appears less genuine citizen outrage and and more, political theater.

Some other things are notable, too. Elsewhere, a TV producer (a woman) was attacked and robbed by a pack of black Teens. In Charleston, a Teen gang of at least 15 mixed boys and girls attacked and robbed people on the street. New York City was told to expect spillover Baltimore riots. A Kafkaesque   Orioles/White Sox baseball game took place in an empty stadium; Baltimore would not trust a gathered audience after the unrest. And reprising the Mayor and City Council President, Salon magazine said that the rioters were right; trashing police cars is legitimate political action. Some things are changing.

Back at the ranch, the U.S. military is practicing moving into and taking control of U.S. cities come June and the Department of Justice is proceeding with its program for Federalizing Police.

Assembling all of this into one provides some food for thought. We note that the only genuine beneficiaries of government largess lavished upon blacks to date, has been government, politicians particularly. Some blacks have done well; more have done less well. Nor is it a result of white racism; it is a result of government programs replacing black peoples’s willingness to do for themselves as whites have done. And most successfully, Asians too. It has naught to do with race; much to do with economics and attitudes. The same bill of goods is now on sale to homosexuals.

There appears at this point, little doubt that the black ‘riots’ are planned, funded and stage managed by the far Left. We have seen photos of the rows of bussess parked and awaiting the imported thugs to return them to their homes. The horde of Ferguson Department of Justice organizers has been reported. And the pattern is continuing. The similar “Occupy Wall Street using unemployed young whites, fizzled. The re-casting with blacks seems so far, more effective.

Next we will see whether the black fallback attempt to destabilize U.S. cities will succeed as “Occupy” failed. We suspect that the Left is again overreaching. The viral video of an outraged black mother chastising her son for joining the riots may be telling. We will see. One thing we can take for granted: the far Left will not give up its program and given human nature, it will always be there to push it.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, white Americans, male Americans and female Americans (and increasingly Latin American Americans) share one thing: They are all Americans. And in the ancient words: “United, we stand; divided, we fall.” It is a test that we have elected leaders who foment and suborn for division rather than reinforce unity.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Black Rioters And Moslem Terrorists Impose Their Wills By Destruction

  1. Have you considered the tactic of those in charge deliberately creating obstructions to block the ladder? When I entered the workplace, from a working class background with a degree and secretarial qualifications I started on Level 1. The employees on Level 2, the cushier and higher paid jobs were virtually all middle-class wives, working for pin-money, to supplement their life-styles and with no intention of working their way higher up the ladder. They didn’t move up and there was no way I would be promoted into their ranks or leap-frog over them. When I applied for other civil service jobs trying to by-pass this, without success, I later discovered there was an unofficial policy between departments to block applicants attempting to do this. Then I discovered other working class women, organising offices like myself on the point of retirement, still on Grade 1. A structured dead end.
    The ladder can be blocked easily with the use of quotas. By appointing an inferior person into a slightly higher post you need not promote that person as they are barely competent at their job, but incomers on the level beneath them are blocked in (like horse racing). By “promoting” non- talent you can obstruct talent from getting a job that would go somewhere and obstruct anyone with the ability to advance, below them. Used to be called tokenism.
    I totally agree with you that positive discrimination is a con game which effectively discriminates against everyone with ability including people with ability in the favoured group.

  2. james teague says:

    Who will be the Antichrist and who will be the False Prophet? Perhaps not quite yet, but we certainly have moved to the Animal Farm and are approaching Big Brother stage, though much later than predicted. Canadian thought control is definitely right around the corner. It certainly is not the “best of times”, nor have we seen the “worst of times.” What will you do when the Golden Statue is erected?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I suppose that governments will by nature, continue tightening surveillance and control so far as technology provides … until the misgovernment inherent in human politics brings government down. That seems our history, anyway.

      Following that collapse, I have no idea what may appear; our descendants will likely need to deal with it, seems to me.As you say, this isn’t all coming overnight.I suspect that the collapse will, though.

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