Was George Washington Right, About America’s Two-Party System?



George Washington, when the new American government was being formed, opposed the use of political parties. He lost, on that point. We don’t know exactly why he lost; perhaps someone said that publicly visible operators were somehow less a risk than invisible, private ones. Dunno.

We consider tonight, the recent history of Democrats. Please note that we do not hold Republicans in any particular esteem; it is simply that tonight, it’s Democrats. We actually see little significant difference.

The Civil War was followed by Southern Democrats who used the Ku Klux Klan to keep blacks from the polls that had been provided to them by Lincoln’s Republicans Yet today, blacks are encouraged to view the GOP as the enemy and those same Democrats as their only friends. Yeah!

In the presidential campaign preceding the Great Depression, Democratic candidate Franklin Roosevelt promised continuation of the Gold Standard in his contest against Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover. Post election, within 90 days he abandoned the Gold Standard and devalued the dollar. Yeah, again.

Jews and Catholics were socially anathema, much beloved by Democrats, the champions of the “little guy.” The common working man. Well.

Those same Democrats have espoused “Equality” in protection of all the minority, downtrodden by majority whites. Right.

Now, those majority whites are the new downtrodden, females cleverly split from males along the same lines. We’re busy adding homosexuals as we write. What’s next: Separating blonds from brunets?

If we believed in equal rights, we should have no difference among us based upon race, religion, gender etc. But the opposite is true: we have maintained preferences for some and prejudices against others; we’ve just reversed which is which. Instead of getting the government job or getting into the Ivy League school becauase you’re white, it’s now because you’re NOT white. The situation is as unequal as before; only the colors have changed.

If it was wrong for whites to discriminate against blacks, why is it not wrong the other way ’round? And if it was wrong imposed upon blacks, why not when imposed upon Asians? Sure … So such state universities as California’s Berkeley are now said to limit Asians accepted.

And in large scale, living color we have the Jews and the Catholics, long time Democrat mainstays both. And both in turn revered by their patrons, the Dems. Now, President Obama is insulting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in favor of Arab oil potentates and enforcing legislation (Obamacare) that violates basic Catholic premises of the value of human life. Jews and Catholics are now under the Democrat bus. Too many voters aren’t religious anymore, right?

We note too that the Progressives who pushed Civil Service to expel the Spoils system are these days, using the IRS and the Department of Justice to attack their political opponents. A lot seems to depend upon which foot the shoe fits.

And instead of going into business to become rich, a calling likely to benefit the public in general, Democrats like the Clintons prefer to pursue their wealth via politics. We aren’t sure, other than the Clintons, who exactly that path benefits. (The Obamas are doing all right, too.)

Unfortunately, the American median household income hasn’t done so well. Neither has the percentage of the population in the workforce. Because of all those evil white males, right? Well, then why aren’t they rich? (Officer, take that questioner away, he’s making trouble ..)

There is a moral to this story. As we said at the beginning, it applies to the GOP no less than the Dems; we just lack space to cover both in detail in one blog piece. It goes back to very ancient, Old Testament advice: “Put not thy trust in princes ….”

As a closing note, it cannot be overlooked that in America, we do more or less, select our princes …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to Was George Washington Right, About America’s Two-Party System?

  1. All the groupings you mention are used mainly to dehumanize the individual, whether for good or for bad (and mostly for bad in my experience). I am sure Washington recognized that political parties would be no different.

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