“Gloval Warming” Seems Political Sciene; An Impending Ice Age is Geology …

Earth's Last Ice Age Map

Earth’s Last Ice Age Map

Because our politicians and now Pope Francis keep pursuing global warming, we instead pursue reality. His Holiness and President Obama are we think, about as unlikely to capture real global warming as we are to capture reality. But the chase is worthy of the effort demanded.

We assume that you already know the scene: Enviros of the Left offer the choice of living as cave men in a ‘natuural’ environment or of alternatively destroying out planet by our impact. A little extreme, perhaps but not unfair. We are listening to NeoMalthusians. The originals claimed that man’s reproduction would outrace food increases and we would starve. Then we had the ‘green revolution’ and now we are yelled at for wasting food and being too fat. When politicians face reality, they prefer to change the subject.

Global warming, now called “climate change” to mitigate embarrassment, has been unmeasurable for some 18 years now, a hiatus becoming difficult to explain. No worries; new explanations come out nearly every week. In the background where real scientists operate, a subject is rather a coming ice age. (not for the first time.)

For openers here, see NASA. We assume that if we started speaking of reversals of the earth’s magnetic field unsupported, you would be praying for us if believers or pitying us if non-believers, on your way to some other site. But planetary (and for that matter, solar) magnetic reversals are real. And carry some implications. They’re not frequent, though, not the planetary ones.

Yes, we mean that the earth’s magnetic (not geographic) poles flipflop every now and then, some thousands of years between. And we seem to be entering a new flip now, starting a few years back.Magnetic North is heading out of Canada, aiming at say, Vladivostok. And picking up speed, too.

This NASA and CERN-vrified phenomenon is proceeding without attention from the newsfolk. Your gues as to why that is so is as good as ours. A more detailed explanation is: here.

For those without time to explore references, it amounts to this: The geologically proven periodic earth polar magnetic reversals have been accompanied by ice ages.  And we have begun such a reversal.

We don’t know how long it will take, but the latest estimate (a scientists’s guess) is that folks now alive will see it happen.

The related ‘ice age’ needs some explanation, too. It will likely not be a Popsicle earth; it will instead, be a swap of sorts. The Arctic will warm while the upper Northern Temperate Zone will freeze, replacing the Arctic ice. That has been the recent (last few ice ages) pattern. Not exactly “global warming.” Cataclysmic enough, though. And we can see why the government is not anxious to spread it around. Suppose it turns out to be just another incorrect scientific theory? However, NASA and CERN believe in geomagnetic reversals and in past ice ages, for whatever that is worth. And these are based on more real science and less politics than “climate change.” is at present.

We are not scientists; we vouch not for such subjects. but we find them interesting as well as on occasion, pertinent. We have written of this one before; we pass it to you for whatever it may be worth; an interesting read if nothing else. And a chance to buy an extra pair of long johns while they are still cheap …

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