Americans: The Parents Who Die, Leaving The Kids Their Debts …

Student LoansIn America, we like to name the generations. It probably helps in the design of sales pitches. It is notable that a large generation of folks called “Baby Boomers” are now retiring, an increasing load on the Social Security tax just as folks are having fewer marriages and babies. (Though the two are no longer interconnected.) We need not be  math freaks to predict the result of a large class needing the support of a smaller class of taxpayers. It’s one of those things that the politicians prefer to ignore, right?

We call our current class of  younger people Millennials.” They are now entering the workforce and beginning to influence it. They are its future in America. It’s simple demographics.

What do we know of them now? We know that their public education has provided them less command of math, reading, history and other once standard subjects than was common to their forebears. We know that they look to the government as the source of solutions to life’s difficulties instead of to themselves as again, did their forebears. Unlike their ancestors, they are somehow, “entitled.” And we know that in America, they share a roughly 25% unemployment rate.

We know that the U.S. government provides work visas for educated foreigners in the hundreds of thousands, especially in high tech fields, claiming that too few Americans are qualified for the jobs. We know that our grandfathers, when young, rebuilt the engines and maintained their own cars; shops were too costly. Later, they maintained their own homes and appliances too. In general, they expected to provide for themselves whatever was needful unless it was elaborate indeed. That is what men did. Women did it too, most of them could cook, sew, treat medical emergencies less than critical and a few could advise their husbands what was was wrong with the car. (Not too many of those …) All that in addition to whatever work they may have done in addition to keeping a home.

Numbers of men and women were competent gardeners and even raised chickens in the back yard, providing meat and eggs. And these women doctored sick kids and spouses short of hospitalization. Nobody though of calling upohn government. Most of what it did was take your money (usually scarce) for taxes.

That has changed; government promises to solve all your problems at no cost to you; it will be paid by others. “The Rich.” We have swallowed this bait and its about to be evident hook. We can’t take care of ourselves anymore; we need government to do it for us. We sicken, we retire, we need education, it doesn’t matter, only government can provide. In many cases it is illegal for others to try.

The ancient joker being resold for the umpteenth time here, is that government has no resources from which to save us all. It has only whatever it first has taken from us. Government saves a dying patient with a last minute blood transfusion … using blood taken from the patient. Yet government is the only “solution” our young have been allowed to know.

Our President, to the discomfiture of Israel, is handing Iran its nukes, and flooding the country with imported workers to compete with Americans in need of work. It is wasting lives and treasure upon foreign ventures that cannot solve the problems faced while pretending not to notice the problems at home. Its financial irresponsibility is hollowing out the world’s finances; it cannot save itself, let alone the new young class of citizens.

No one is writing of it that we know, yet the American IRS, the major tax agency, is not paying refunds due overpaid U.S. taxpayers dating from the 2013 tax year. It cannot scrape up the cash, apparently. Taxpayyers who call are largely left unanswered; those who do hold conversation are left with vague “Your account is being processed” responses. Yet nary word in America’s major media. Taxpayers who owe money with their 2014 filing cannot take credit for any 2013 refund due, either. The government may owe you forever; you may not owe the government: Pay up or else!

However things may seem to you, they are worse than they seem. And our young have inherited the wind …



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Americans: The Parents Who Die, Leaving The Kids Their Debts …

  1. Incredible, isn’t it? What you say about the IRS delaying refunds is true and nary a word about it in the news.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      If the IRS has to delay tax refunds to maintain cash flow, what should we expect when (if?) the Fed lets loose of interest rates? (Be afraid ,,, Be vvery afraid … )

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