Who’s In Charge Of America? Who’s Next? Who Cares?



The opposing wings of America’s one-party state are now officially in full cry, adding one more element of diversion from what actually occurs in the world. Given that election is a year and a half off, diversion is about all that the current attention given it is good foe, seems to us. Nevertheless:

First; the Democrats. Hillary, right? Now it’s official! She’s announced in public! She even met some public, not washing her hands and changing her clothes until the cameras were elsewhere. Less announced but running hard, ex-Governor O’Malley is breathing (mostly unreported) down her neck where he has appeared. He is an anti-Hillary awaiting his chance to enter a phone booth to remove his clothing, revealing the Spandex and cape beneath.

His costume may reflect him, or just reflect limited reporting; it will take time to tell. Hillary’s photo’s seem to need more photoshopping than do O’Malleys at this point, but there is rumor that she is preferred by the GOP powers.

We remain convinced that Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee. One clue for us: Increasingly, her photos reveal actual wrinkles on her features. We suspect that it may be possible to determine whether a particular journalist supports her or only claims to support her by the presence of wrinkles on the photo used in that writer’s report.  The unwrinkled ones seem incomplete without a halo; the wrinkled ones seem in need of a broom. We believe that the ratio between them is telling …

On the GOP side, the party has all but publicly anointed Jeb the Bush III. The theory appears to be: If the public liked 1929 Packard convertibles, those are what we should make and sell for the next 50 years. Sound Republican thinking …

But youthful ambition is irrepressible; we have Rubio, Paul, Cruz and Walker vying for early attention before the big money swamps upstarts from view. Rubio is exactly what you want … no matter who you are. Paul is the non-Hispanic Rubio. If either ever has to debate himself, he will lose. Cruz is wrapped in Od Glory (before it acquired 50 stars) and promises to abolish he IRS. He might even be against evil, too. Walker is a prime target or organized Labor from his takedown of teachers’ unions; he is up against Goliath but his name is not David.

The most interesting to us is invisible Bobby Jindal, Governorof Louisiana. He seems to do more and say less than the others. He needs more than our approbation, however and to date, has failed to garner the monied connections to be taken seriously. (For which we like him more yet.) You may likely forget him, we’re sorry.

Since we are seeing the first charge against the foes, most of those charging will prove to have been cannon fodder. Including we surmise, Hillary. We see her as the TV show pre-broadcast warmup designed to whip up enthusiasm before the real star appears. Of course, we may be incorrect as our life companion and self-appointed immediate supervisor often reminds us. Truthfully, more’s the pity. Without remorse as well.

But we will stand firm on one idea: No matter the wonders of technological marvels of communication, snooping, recording and photography today, our next Maximum Leader will, behind the public, costly, poll-tested and carefully Branded product, be the continuation of the same faceless powers that have been battening upon us for decades.  Or so it seems to us.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Who’s In Charge Of America? Who’s Next? Who Cares?

  1. Wish I could disagree with you somewhere. I’m pretty sure we’re just marching ourselves off a cliff. The people are free to surprise me however, I’m always willing to be wrong 😉

  2. Michael says:

    I have been against a flat tax my whole life, in many ways I still am. But with all of the corruption in the IRS I am finally willing to accept defeat and support it. So anyone running promising to abolish the IRS has my vote.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … That would feel good; it would feel even better to get rid of the people who misuse such tools…. we need a lot of tar and feathers and a few thousand fence rails!

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