GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannFrom another escaped week:

A Drone carrying drugs and weapons crashed into a prison; a botched smuggling attempt. Someone may not be too smart, but we can’t say they’re not up to date …

Obamacare has cut some 14% of jobs to less than 30 hours weekly; another 6% are planning the same move. Fascinating how government freebies end with a bill to pay!

President Obama hasn’t said how his proposed ‘free community college’ plan would deal with today’s existing 20% three year graduation rate. Presumably by the same means that a New York high school resolved its low Graduation rates; by simply passing everyone. It worked in New Mexico, too. Our own problem is: where’s the money coming from? (We remember when schools taught stuff like that.)

Venezuela is going over the financial edge without hope.  So it is Buying more Russian and Chinese arms. (Naturally!)

Babysitters in the largest cities average about $14 hr. (Maybe you should just let them keep the kids.)

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe will address a joint session of Congress over present Chinese aggressivene. (That’s apparently ok whereas Israel’s Prime Minister doing it over Iranian aggression isn’t?)

Mother Yellen says there’s a good chance the Fed will raise interest rates this year. However, the Fed plans to continue to ‘manage’ the rates as they rise. (I’m from the government; I’m here to help you!)

The numbers of women now suddenly discovering that they were drugged and assaulted by Bill Cosby some 30 years ago is becoming so large that it needs organization and management. Mr. Cosby must have been even more extraordinary than we knew …

A Woman was hit in the head with a skateboard, decked, kicked and  beaten by 2 men as a crowd watches at a Venice, CA skatepark. Yeah, so..?

Stanford is investigating rampant cheating allegations, as Atlanta public schoolfolk go to jail for it. Shouldn’t those standards also apply to politicians? (humor …)

American incomes fell in 2014, excepting the rich. Apparently President Obama is only talking about those rich when he refers to our ongoing economic recover? (He spends a lot of his time chasing their donations!)

Dublin, CA, in the heart of the California drought, is starting construction of a $35 M water park. The city likely expects its water from the same place Washington plans to fund its deficits …

Greece is preparing to grab its banks, drop the Euro and default on the next due IMF loan payment. Russia’s Putin has not decided to challenge Europe and the U.S. now by accident. He just threatened “nuclear force” if his plans for Crimea, Ukraine and the Baltic states meet interference.  (Not to worry; we have President Obama to protect us.)

Economists “are always too optimistic about the world” per Business Insider. Somehow the post fails to mention that most economists work, directly or indirectly, for the government now presiding over our ‘recovery.’

The Atlanta Fed lowered its GDP growth forecast to 0. (Atlanta must be further from Washington than we thought.)

The present FCC Internet takeover will provide censorship and taxes per GOP Rep. Blackburn, (TN). Yeah, true … and what is Congress doing about that?

An ancient Medieval potion kills MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)  better than Vancomycin. (No, not kidding.)

Mrs. Obama’s lunches for healthy (and not too hungry) students provide 5.5 tons of pig food per week in New Mexico’s Rio Rancho school district, from leftovers that the kids wouldn’t eat.

And so escapes another week with its full load of human folly contenting happy pigs … until they become ham and bacon, anyway. We note that bacon, that used to last forever if you were willing to scrape off the fuzz before frying, now rots. And smells funny, too. A bit like Constitutional freedoms?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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