President Barackack Obama: A Victim Of History?

3749600821_Cartoon_Horses_and_Bayonets_600_answer_4_xlargeIn a way, one might feel sympathy for President Obama. He seems set up as History’s schlemiel, a rather dirty trick to have played upon the first (1/4th) black U.S. President. Appropriate enough though, from some other angles.

His legal qualification for the job has been vehemently asserted but all evidence directly on point has been heavily and expensively suppressed, with support from the GOP. His educational qualifications, ditto. So much effort and cost to hide what for most is widely known is suggestive, to say the very least. Given his own modest fortune (then) and attainments, it is reasonable to conclude that someone wanted him as President; someone with assets and influence. A number of someones, probably.

In law practice, it is said that any decent prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. We should wonder now whether any decent, modern political party can elect one to be President.The accumulating evidence, not limited to Democrats, is suggestive. In spite of our wonderful technology and the undeniable snooping of the NSA et al, we are now electing even more than in the past, what our grandparents might have called: “a pig in a poke.”

Installed in the office of “The Leader Of The Free Word'” (a rapidly shrinking venue) Barack Obama had only his modest attainments upon which to call plus the advice of a group of politically incestuous Chicago politicians whose world view extended all the way to say, the stockyards and whose financial acumen is illustrated by the present largely ignored quasi-insolvency of the city and its pension plans. Things in Chicago are so bad in fact, that the Godfather, Mayor Rham Emanuel, late of President Obama’s White House, is in a race for his political life at his next election. The major assault is coming from his own party.

Our lightly armed President has been thrown into the world’s battles willy nilly, facing foreign heavy hitters between golf rounds and budgeting the nation much as he has budgeted his spendiferous vacations. What else? That’s what he knew. But reality isn’t caving before him as did the political opposition when his ‘signature’ Obamacare was bulldozed through a complaisant Congress.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin isn’t returning Barack’s bow; he’s waving real nukes, though the media is politely downplaying that. The Fed, rather than printing up even more money to spend seems ready to pull the plug, though it appears rather frightened at the prospect. And the Iraqi Ayatollahs, on a Mission From God, aren’t budging a centimeter, forcing the Prez to do all the giving or face a very public failure of accomplishment. It is perhaps dawning on the President about now, that he faces an aggressive nuclear power irrationally dedicated to destruction whether or not he ‘accomplishes’ his yet to be defined goal.

Meantime, he presides over a country whose economy is declining from under its erstwhile middle, now becoming lower, class as the wage levels of workers and the living standards of families continue to decline as the ‘recovery’ proceeds. All of this will be the heirloom of President Obama. And of course, his Obamcare is unworkable on its face, both administratively and financially. Pretty sad to contemplate, if it were the way you’d be remembered, right?

What’s even sadder, the President is as much a victim as other hapless Americans. He was just the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. A sad sack, in our grandfathers’ terminology. He was the ham sandwich seized upon by movers and shakers to carry their program, never mind his actual ability to perform. A tool, a mouthpiece, a front man. He was put up as the “first black President” by his Lefty puppeteers, he is not up to the job (nothing new, really) and as a Right wing black man put it, “the nigger failed.

The President’s failures are largely not his fault. He was not obviously qualified to begin, he was used. He has probably, pulled and tugged between perennial political forces, done the best that he could. A shame that  it wasn’t more successful. And while he has had a lot of free golf and neat vacations and will enjoy a free retirement in luxury, he will stand next to Jimmy Carter as a failed President, at least so long as people of today are around. Embarrassing.

On the other hand, all hat he has done is to more or less continue the policies of his predecessors, whom he likes to blame for what he does. While that is evidently self-serving, it is also true. Everything significant that the Prez has done seems merely an extension of earlier programs by both Democrat and Republican Presidents. Our Prez is just the poor schlemiel holding the sack as the curtain comes down. You can’t, as our grandparents also said, make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. And who is it that continues electing sows’ears?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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