Jews, Christians, Western Civilization … Now, What?

charlie-hebdo-coverThe primary threat to human peace and progress appears as always, to be human nature. That explains why our species is one of the few that has never needed a top predator, perhaps. We take care of it ourselves.

Presently, trouble spots on a large scale include Russian and Chinese aggression, international financial mismanagement, the nuclear ambitions of irresponsible regimes such as Iran and of course, through no fault of its own, Israel. Why does everyone hate the Jews? Mostly, they’re not even Jews anymore.

Pursuing that question, we searched Google: “Israel percent practicing Jews.” Google responded with an error message, stating that “an error has occurred” and stopped the search, offering only to close the browser. We tried twice more, with the same result.

Then, we asked Bing our question that had so disturbed Google. It promptly provided a list of answers. In short, comparatively few practicing Jews inhabit Israel today. With that model in view, it follows that the populations of Europe and North America are even less doctrinaire. World wide Judaism is mostly historic, these days. Fragments still adhere as descendants of Jews but Judaism as such, is bordering upon extinct, from what we see. We are not supposed to say that out loud, naturally. But there it is. It is an existential issue within Israel, where Israeli Arab Moslems are a growing group and Jews are not keeping up. How do you perpetuate a Jewish state when fewer are Jews anymore as Moslems multiply?

Those Moslems have their own problems, of course. Locked into a rigid, uncompromising seventh century religious culture while watching the realities of modern life on TV and the Internet, too many of the faithful are less than sold upon what is offered,, mostly poverty, female subjugation and primitive living standards. Moslem masses tend to be restive at the contrast that they now perceive with Western living.

This is a threat in the eyes of the purveyors of Islam; it must be resisted. Fear of its impact motivates the “fundamentalist’ jihadists trying to hold off modernism at gunpoint over the bodies of those who have not sufficiently resisted. It is a hysterical reaction on a massive scale.

Christianity on the other hand, is caving in with merely a whimper as Western governments increasingly suppress its teachings in Europe and the United States. The atheistic moral relativists behind that however, are removing a foundation from their society while offering nothing to replace it; their result is unsurprisingly an expanding social and political corruption, contributing to the economic and moral decline of their societies. Wealthy elites have never worried over that, so long as they have had what they want.

Islam shoots you if you fail to submit; gentle Christianity (by comparison) will go under sooner. But neither has a foundation upon which they can stand at present.

No more does tiny once Jewish, Israel that is losing its European and American protectors, folk who never intended that it succeed in the first place. It has done so upon the determination of its people, who along with the rest, have no longer an overwhelming religious cohesion to hold them together in adversity.

Much of the world has lost its faith and its ability to persevere with it. History suggests that something will fill the vacuum at some point; it is early to conclude what that will be, or when. In the meantime, Judaism and Christianity represent the underpinnings of the pinnacle of human achievement … while they last.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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