GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA week full of significance, we believe; see how it strikes you …

Uber is targeted in Germany and under fire in Paris. (We don’t need no stinking new business models!)

A Woman was shot in the head in a road rage incident. (Will military helmets be added to seat belt requirements?)

The Feds are financing research at Rutgers University to provide a system that will automatically identify cyberbullying on the Internet. The system will monitor keywords, etc. We note that this will have to, in order to be effective, monitor the entire Internet. Will it limit itself to looking for cyberbullying? Well, you may ask the NSA, right?

Brain research has found a chemical that changes individual behavior to more social accommodation. (How long before the government expands the list of mandatory inoculations?)

Wetbacks with President Obama’s work permits are being hired as police officers, per report.

A Girl 12 tries to poison her mom for seizing her iphone.

Police in Chicago and other places are fighting to hide their use of cell phone surveillance tech, with or without court orders. (All together now: Big Brother is watching! We love Big Brother!)

Ground beef rose to a new record high. (Imagine its cost if we had inflation!)

Drones  are tracking stray dogs in Houston TX. (Hmnn … How about stray husbands, delinquent debtors and folk who speak ill of government?)

The Amish are under eviction (from their own property) and a $42,000 fine for refusing to comply with  County codes requiring smoke alarms, etc. (Religious beliefs used to matter.)

Payday Lenders are being forced out of business as the Department of Justice leans on lenders who finance them. (We don’t need no damn desperation loans!)

A Bullets divide the Army from the  Marines to the annoyance of Congress. The ammo fits the same rifle, but the Army version is environmentally friendly, while the Marine bullet actually kills people. Congress doesn’t want to pay for two bullets when one is cheaper …

A video presents a Cornell University Dean saying that ISIS is welcome on campus.

47% of US households are able to save nothing. US healthcare and Social Security are both in massive deficits. (Can you do the math?)

18 Girls and 1 boy were arrested after a mass fight in Elmira High School’s lobby. All racial identifications were omitted.

Illegal Immigration: Thousands of unaccompanied kids are still entering US. A new immigrant enters US every 33 seconds, per the US Census..

A Woman enraged at bacon missing from her burger, shot through McDonalds’ drive through window. (Remember when they said that if a woman were President, we’d have no wars?)

Federal Tax collections set new, all time records but still can’t keep up with the spending.

Iran continues to deny access to UN nuclear inspectors, as it has for years. (President Obama appears to find inspection unnecessary?)

Per the UN, the world’s worst violator of Women’s rights: Israel!

Parents are being arrested and jailed  for kids’ truancy in Florida. Also in Long Beach CA, Portales, NM (Daily Journal 3/26) and other places. (That will put those kids back under their brainwashing!) Imagine how this would be handled if we lived in a police state?

Now that our Prez seems to bless Iran’s nukes, Saudi Arabia is now interested in nukes. (The Prez is indeed leading the world …)

Pregnant employees must be accommodated, per the Supreme Court in the UPS case. Moms to be will henceforth rely upon the necessary higher prices to keep their jobs, whether they can perform them or not. (We suspect that some employers will be hiring fewer women.)

U.S. armed forces will practice a covert takeover of the American Southwest in July, on a massive scale. Why? Depends … Right wingnuts see it as preparation for imposing martial law upon the most independent part of the U.S. Left wingnuts see it as necessary preparation for putting down rebellion. We see it is the next logical step after stockpiling ammo, setting up prison camps and empowering the military to imprison anyone deemed suspicious without due process of law … all of which are already in place. That’s just existing law and logic. As for this practice: You know as much as we do.

A naked woman arrested at Dunkin Donuts said that her dance group dared her to do it.

And so has fled another week, nor can we blame it …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Michael says:

    Israel has the worst human rights for women? I guess the Un thinks it’s better if they can’t drive , don’t get an education and are not allowed to vote like the rest of the middle east. Humm maybe they have a point, fewer liberals!

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