Israel Can Handle Enemies; Who Will Save It From Its ‘Friends?’

Obama IsraelWWII Axis powers being big time anti Semites, the somewhat less anti-Semitic (and less public about it) victorious Allies magnanimously offered Europe’s remaining Jews their ancient homeland, recently liberated from the Turks. Neither Jews nor Moslems already in residence were consulted.

Theory likely was that it would finish removing the unwanted Jews from Europe and if they didn’t just disappear in the Middle East, the local Moslems would take care of it. As usual, the Jews failed to do as wanted; they created modern Israel in spite of all, fighting off all of Arabia to do so.

In a new wave of European and in America, Left wing anti-Semitism, the Obama Administration has not only publicly snubbed the Israeli Prime Minster, but invested money and personnel into Israeli election politics to prevent his reelection. The story was that the Obamafolk retained America’s traditional love of Israel; it was just Bibi Netanyahu that they couldn’t stomach.

But about a month ago, the truth came out: the Obama Administration is throwing Israel under the bus in favor of the Arabs. The Department of Defense has declassified its report on Israeli nuclear weapons., putting it into public reach.

It has been assumed that Israel has nukes but it has never been verified nor has Israel ever reported on it. This stance has held off a mid-Eastern arms race while at the same time, deterring attackers who had to wonder what they might unleash by attacking.

By releasing its detailed analysis of Israeli capabilities, the U.S. has scrapped that and challenged all the local Israeli enemies, including Iran, to secure their own nukes, since it is now public that the Jews have them.

It seems increasingly obvious that Obama intends to bless Iran’s acquisition of nukes (in lieu of any other alternative short of invasion) using an alleged delay and supervision as cover. That is a joke; the U.N. inspectors assigned to Iran are still refused either access or information they need for their job. Iran is laughing at Obama as it has long laughed at the U.N.

And the “threat” of a now overtly nuclear Israel will be used to incite the Arabs and Iran to hasten to ‘protect themselves’ from the Jewish threat. If the Middle East has seemed a tinder box to date, the new conditions sparked by this move of the Obama Administration throws gasoline onto the fire. Add to this, the White House is now rumored to be ‘considering’ supporting the Palestinian Arabs in the U.N.

It is hard to avoid noticing that this deliberate acceleration of the world’s nuclear arms race, round two, is a creation of the recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize,

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2 Responses to Israel Can Handle Enemies; Who Will Save It From Its ‘Friends?’

  1. james teague says:

    Valerie and Mr. Obama will be invited to Teheran to watch the first use of the Iranian bomb they helped become a reality.

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