Alfred_E__NeumannFood Stamps: More than 46 million Americans remain on Federal food stamps after 40 months of our ‘recovery.’ Paying for this is a drag upon the economy, right? (We know, we’re not supposed to notice that.)

A Man, thinking to evade arrest, rolled in dog poop. The arresting officer clearly deserves recognition (and likely received it).

Millennials we are told, lack the work skills of not only foreigners, but those of older Americans. (Duh!) Question: Why have neither Republicans nor Democrats improved public schools?

People shot dead by cops:  More than 50% are mentally ill, but the mentally ill commit only 4% of violent crime. Seems like there was a disconnect somewhere when we saved money by closing the loony bins and put the nutcases on the street … (How come the ‘journalists’ never point this out?)

Brown eyes can be blue for $5,000 in Mexico, Costa Rica and elsewhere via laser. Sorry, the U.S. hasn’t approved it yet.

Television Networks are slammed for “Dumbing down.” Aren’t they just dealing with the result of public school policies dating from the 1920’s? (And how else could our leaders be elected?)

President Obama Protects some leakers we are told; others are jailed. Duh!

An Illinois GOP Congressman funded a lavish life on taxpayer money and found himself in trouble. Maybe he thought he was entitled to Democratic benefits?

Sex Crimes among L.A.’s Venice High school kids produced 14 boys’ arrests; others including girls are under investigation. (Sex education works!)

Archeologists  in Bavaria dug up a 250 year old pretzel. We understand that they had to provide their own beer …

A bunch of Girls beat a middle school classmate. (Don’t annoy schoolkids these days …)

Brazil takes the stage of protests against corrupt and greedy leadership in the world. Hope that things go better than when the Arabs tried it … (Brazil isn’t Islamic, wish them luck)

If you’ve wondered how all but Fox News are Lefty propagandists, a heavyweight journalist explains it here. Note though, that said heavyweight might be bitter …

White students were banned from a college anti-racism meeting because of their race. (Don’t worry … We’ll give you a fair trial before we take you out and hang you!)

A bunch of ISIS thugs adopted cross-dressing to escape a losing fight. Hmnn … Don’t they kill effeminate men? Maybe their Koran provides a special exception for escaping losers?

The EPA  wants hotels to monitor the length of guest showers. It apparently plans to reduce use of water …  (Smell a deal with the perfume makers?)

Obamacare  has provided not only widespread reduction of employee hours in business but public schools too are cutting workers below a 30 hour week to escape its costs. (Better care, cheaper and you can keep your doctor.)

The Obama Administration is threatening to sanction Israel while excusing Iran. Our Prez seems to have a vision issue; he can’t seem to tell friends from enemies.

A study shows that the Fast Food Ban on south Los Angeles restaurants has not reduced obesity. (We expect that this will result in a ban over a larger part of the city.)

In landmark research, Antibiotic Resistance  seems to correlate with political corruption. (Do even germs go where their friends are?)

Argentina is broke and is cozying up to Iran, like Russia. Having run out of money, it wants nukes?

Police told uptight neighbors that a Naked man  who persists in standing in his doorway, is not breaking any laws. What happened to the old ‘cover charge?’

And so another week of our imitation of reality; we hope it has amazed, amused and/or annoyed you in its manifest ridiculousness.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE …(Politically Uncorrected)

  1. “Why have neither Republicans nor Democrats improved public schools?”
    This may very well be the legacy of my generation. The breakdown of the family unit, particularly among blacks, has got to be another huge contributor to this problem. And we have the politicians we put in office to thank for it.

  2. michael says:

    “An Illinois GOP Congressman funded a lavish life on taxpayer money and found himself in trouble. Maybe he thought he was entitled to Democratic benefits?” The nerve of the guy to spend 40k on his office decoration! that was 20 percent of what Michelle Obama spent …

  3. james teague says:

    What do business people see on the horizon from the government takeover of all economic sectors, radical progressive politics, redistribution of wealth, and selective enforcement or reinterpretation of laws? I was checking out a local gun store’s sale the other day. Recent construction was just being cleared away. Large buried posts now surround the entire building along with the iron grate doors and window coverings. I asked them if they were preparing for riots. They smiled and said “no”. Right!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I suppose that government and big business are different but contiguous segments of a continuum and will continue as such. “Crony capitalism!” The rest take their chances while the government prepares for massive instability. The wise are doing the same … or so it seems to me.

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