Al Gore, Channeling An Ancient Pope, Reveals A Truth

Al Gore Prophecies

Al Gore Prophecies

Al Gore, Joe Biden’s predecessor as Clown Prince, has just informed a big techie confab that it is time to punish climate change deniers. He evidently fells that the contract cancellations, grant refusals, arrested teaching career progress and outright firings to date are insufficient to be called ‘punishment.’ We expect Al shortly to be seen in an Internet video, wearing a black hood and sawing off the head of some unconvinced scientist, yelling “Carbonhu akbar.”

While this has its comic aspects, as does much done by Mr. Gore, it is telling of much reality as well.  Mr. Gore is not only an apostle of global warming; he is a well-paid one, as most of such appear to be.

Those interested know that “global warming” has in fact, been on hold for now, some eighteen years by actual measure. Further, they know that the entire thing depends upon computer programs supposed to imitate the climate. Never mind that weather experts can’t safely forecast rain tomorrow in New Mexico.

Said forecasts are reality; global warming is politics and so much more important, given the amounts of money respectively involved.

The key here is: “punishing.” Mr. Gore gave away his political goals in its use. You don’t punish a scientist whose discovery disproves your theory. You may wear a wry expression, but you applaud him. That’s what science is. Or at least, should be. Punishing for dissent is anti-science; it remains for religion or politics. Man-made global warming is the latter.

In honest science, it is the truth that matters; punishment of disbelievers is a confession that honest science is not in charge. But we have known that; Galileo was not proposing to punish the Pope; it was the other way around. And Galileo was the scientist while His Holiness was a politician.

Mr. Gore goes about preaching his creed as a matter of belief, as did the Pope. And Mr. Gores substitution of punishment for proof in a technical matter is a revelation that it is not the truth that matters. That revelation is the greatest truth of all.

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