Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday selection, laid out helpless before your eyes:

Housing First: A praised program that provides permanent housing, healthcare, etc for the homeless. Wasn’t that what the old, abandoned for excessive cost, poorhouses did? Will this catch on? Will we go back to locking up nutcases who don’t take their meds and shoot up schools and theaters? (We doubt all these; it isn’t ‘Houses First’ – it’s ‘money’ first!)

States are burdening the struggling economy as the Feds cut highway fund grants, states are upping fees and taxes to do the work. The ‘cuts’ are therefore illusory for taxpayers.

U.S. colleges are pushing their endowment funds to dump investments in Israel. What’s next, ‘Jihadi Studies’ in the curricula?

Teens:  Two boys shoot, murder a 14 year old girl and wound two others over an Internet posting. Well, they’re serious about netiquette …

A newly discovered Hormone is said to produce the same effect as exercise. Hmnn … Sell the investment in the gym franchise?

Two female Teachers were arrested; they took 5 boys on a ‘camping’ trip that included cocaine and sex. (Just doing the lab work for what they teach in class …)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fired an ambassador after criticizing his use of private e-mails for business, per report. Of course, that was but one of a list of complaints. Fun, though.

The U.N. has decided that the world eats too much Sugar in addition to becoming warmer. Will Mrs. Obama run with this for her school lunches? (or are the students sour enough already?)

While President Obama was talking up his negotiations with Iran, the foreign minister was telling an NBC interviewer that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel should be destroyed.  Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Khamenei has terminal prostate cancer and is given two years life. Will his death change things? History and Bible students know that the Persians have behaved about the same for over two thousand years …

Remarkably unadvertised, U.S. labor productivity continues its decline, lifting labor costs. Seems odd, doesn’t it, that the politicians pushing increased minimum wage increases seem unaware of this?

Add that the Mayor of Oakland is pleading with his voters to support the city’s small businesses now that they have voted to increase the city minimum wage from $9 to $12.25 per hour. Wanna bet?

Report: Government wide, Improper payments totaled $124.7B; Federal debt is $18 T. Guess who pays?

The number of Americans in the U.S. workforce continues at a 37 year low; so the number those working have somehow to support is necessarily at a high. We have to do the math; nobody’s mentioning it, for some reason.

House Speaker Boehner’s position, recently threatened by mutinous GOP conservatives, is now safe; the Democrats have sworn to protect him. We will allow you to coin your own comment here …

A Man was arrested after calling 911 to report his wife for stealing his cocaine. We are rendered inarticulate here as well …

A flying camera  ‘Drones’ that will rest in the palm of your hand now exists, along with the death of lingering hopes for personal privacy. There is a small comfort; it is reliable only indoors. Outdoor winds are too much.

Governor O’Malley (Maryland Democrat) is shaping up to be the anti-Hillary. We trust that he has no private e-mail account hidden anywhere. (We’ll bet that they ALL have!)

New Jersey Senator Menendez (D) whom we are told will be charged by the Obama Department of Justice for corruption, is explained by GOP populist Senator Ted Cruz as a case of White House payback for daring to oppose its programs. Well, there must be something differentiating him from the other 434 …

And in closing, the sad tale of the woman who was showering when a number of Cows broke into her home and fertilized her floors. We too find this a bit strange … but we have no beef with it.

Thus sayeth Zaranewstra!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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