Looking For Salvation (And Looking, And Looking …)

Obama Snake OilA seatmate on a recent flight was convinced that only government can solve Man’s problems for him. And of course, her and now we suppose, its as well. A common belief, these days. The experience raised some questions for us.

1. As government has been available for more years than history has recorded, why are all the significant problems still unresolved? How long do you retain a doctor who has never cured anything at all?

2. As humanity is visibly prone toward selfishness, hypocrisy, envy and dishonesty, how will those qualities be screened from all those in charge of government? And if they are not, how will government provide the common in place of the individual good?

3. All of us (hopefully excepting saints) hold self-interest as a primary motivation. For a compassionate and caring government, these must be excluded from power. How is that accomplished? How is it measured?

With these in mind, we have been considering the current news events. We note at once that the 12,000 Russian troops in Ukraine cannot possibly be there as President Putin signed a treaty with Ukraine guaranteeing its borders to motivate Ukraine to give up its nukes left by the extinct Soviets.

We know too that the U.S. will always protect Israel from its Moslem would-be destroyers as a succession of American presidents have promised. We know that Iran does not want The Bomb nor does it want Israel wiped from the map; Iranian negotiators have assured our President of those. (Never mind every other living soul in the place screaming the opposite.)

And of course, we know that we can keep our doctors.

With this pattern of reassurance, we should have no worries, right?

Hmnn …

I promise that, elected, I will assure a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage … no,sorry; that one’s been used (1928) and I guess it hasn’t happened yet, though Herbert Hoover was elected and is now long dead. I guess he owes it to you. But he saved us, didn’t he? Well, no … But our next one will! This time, it’s different!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Looking For Salvation (And Looking, And Looking …)

  1. It’s just astounding, isn’t it?

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