Will Obama and Netanyahu Sstop Worrying and Learn To Love The Bomb?

Dr. StrangeloveIsraeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu spoke to Congress today, or at least, to that part of it that was not absenting itself in support of President Obama’s snit. Afterward, the Prez sniffed that Netanyahu had said “nothing new.” The Prez’ head gun, Valerie Jarrett, declared ominously that Netanyahu would “pay a price.” Putting the welfare of Israel ahead of his instructions from President Obama is not acceptable.

The President was correct; the Israeli said nothing new. He merely pointed to the massively secret negotiations with Iran over its nuke program. Iran has repeatedly sworn to wipe Israel from the planet, one ought to be able to understand Israeli interest in its acquisition of nukes, right? But poor Prez. Obama: he’s in view just as the Left is switching from Pro Jew to Anti Jew and he’s having some difficulty managing the switch. Who wouldn’t?

President Obama has apparently excluded Bibi from the results of the negotiations with Iran, leaving the Israeli to assume the worst. Well, and leaving all the rest of us too. So Bibi has no choice but to not only assume, but to prepare for the worst as well, said ‘worst’ being near term acquisition of nukes by Iran. What other choice does Bibi have? Should he put Israel at risk of nuclear attack by sworn enemies simply for trust in a secretive President Obama?

In fact, Iran has ressolutely sworn to acquire nukes and driven toward that goal without letup for decades, regardless of sanctions and threats. Iranians, even when deprived by economic sanctions, are generally pleased by that. And no matter what anyone has said or done, the program has proceeded under forced draft in Iran. Bettors in the know assume that Iran will have its nukes, whether the world is pleased or not; Pakistan and North Korea after all, are there already. Never mind Russia, China and allegedly, Israel. Nor is the formula secret anymore; it’s on the Internet for those interested.

So the Obama negotiations are a sham, intended to let him take credit for whatever time elapses between now and the first Iranian nuclear explosion.

In his Congressional speech, Netanyahu repeated the declaration that this time, the Jews would not sit still, accepting the holocaust as they did under the Nazis. They would fight. President Obama wants them to sit still again as they are erased. Struggling will make him look bad. There is a story this week that claims he threatened to shoot down any Israeli aircraft attacking Iran.

So the reality, brushing aside all the political deceptions, is simple:

1. Iran (and others) will acquire nukes, regardless.

2.Iran has sworn to blot Israel from the earth, repeatedly including this week. If it wishes cover, it need only allow Islamic terrorists to ‘steal’ a nuke or two.

3. The Obamfolk and much of Europe won’t m,ind a bit. (Until the nukes start dropping on them, courtesy of ‘Islamic terrorists.”)

That’s only one scenario; in another, we are reminded that Putin has been threatening nuclear warfare against NATO because it objects to his reaqisitionof Ukraine. China hasn’t been threatening nukes, but it’s moving into South China Sea areas legally owned by others with new military bases built upon islands to which it has no rights.

The sleeping world nuclear threat seems to be waking up. President Obama is giving it cover in Iran with his secret deal, as though he had a choice. It appears that he accepts that. The only thing that he absolutely will not accept, is Israel defending itself.

But the only way Israel can do that, is a preemptive attack on Iran, one that would have to be massive. And the preemption would be temporary and merely enrage more Moslems against the Jewish state.

If you were Obama or Netanyahy, what would you do?


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6 Responses to Will Obama and Netanyahu Sstop Worrying and Learn To Love The Bomb?

  1. connectdd says:

    Yikes, the choices are awful and worse! It might be very different if our government stood up to rather than dealing with the threat.

  2. In a Middle Eastern context show weakness/indecision, you are inviting your enemies to wipe you out . Is it going to take the destruction of Israel before people wake up? Do people have to suffer their own holocaust before they learn the lessons the Israelis have learnt? No prizes for stupidity or insanity I guess.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, we’re not as a species, famous for sacrificing for others or stirring ourselves before our own tender extremity is entering the wringer, right? Perhaps this has some survival value for the species?

      • Possible answers to that go wide and deep. If Hitler had had his way the Jews would have been wiped out. Seems a lot of the Arab world is on the same crusade. Funny how fascism is generally decried in the West but Islamic-fascism is generally supported.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Yeah … Something relevant to “whited sepulchers” comes to mind, for some reason …

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