Government Confers Privilege, Not Rights (Very Dull Post)

Government HelpAn honest observer admits that in the human species, men and women seek mates for pleasure, reinforcement and protection. Resulting children remain dependent for well over a decade. People also congregate naturally with others in groups, for the same reasons. And when the groups become larger, the inevitable disturbances resulting from conflicting individual versus group interests plus the advantages of organizing group resources bring government into being. It’s human nature!

Thus marriage, to bind couples for the needs of children is a natural expression. So is government. But the individual and individual rights are first, followed by families, the source of the future of the species. Then government, that can originate only via voluntary delegation or involuntary compulsion. The individual rights delegated to government remain the property of the individuals who have lent them to government and are therefore, revocable as stated in the American Declaration of Independence. When a government is imposed, no rights are transferred to it, it can rely only upon force as its position is fundamentally immoral. Its power comes as Chairman Mao put it clearly, from the muzzle of a gun.

This is commemorated in the Bible, beginning with its admonition that it is not good for man to be alone, proceeding to its recognition of marriage and its insistence upon recognizing what is God’s versus what belongs to government. Individual rights spring from duty to God and/or the species and there are no rights applicable to groups of any kind but those arising initially with individuals. Fundamental rights are as the Declaration states, unalienable; such can originate only with a Supreme Power or if preferred, in our human nature, by definition.

Today’s political Left prefers God dead and gone, wishing to substitute government for Him as the source of rights, not only of power. They crave legitimacy. But men and women are not God; grouping them into a government does not alter their fallibility. They cannot confer rights, only privileges. And those privileges will be awarded with political direction and therefore, liable to injustice.

We note that government by any religious organization has been no different, when history has produced such contradictions. Pope, Ayatollah, wise Mandarin, King or President (forget your average dictator) all governments have followed similar behaviors. In human groups, politics replace individual justice to varying degrees and will, so long as Homo sapiens remains as is. That is the natural corruption of government, reflecting the nature of the individuals who steer its operation. That is why government cannot be entrusted with any but delegated, revocable rights. Our grandparents might have put it: “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”

Yet today both Left and Right proclaim their Godvernment, that wants no strange gods before it. That is their current prescription for human salvation upon planet earth. It will spend us all rich, augment and control the police, pile up dead bodies in other, smaller countries, inflate away our wealth, diminish our economy to protect the environment and order our health, diet, education, communication and living quarters. It will decide what is good for us and impose it, wanted or not. And those compassionate men and women in charge will grow rich.  So it has ever been and so it seems likely to continue. That suggest that the program is built in somehow. While it meets the definition of dictator ships, we can’t help noting that it describes the paths followed by democratic places just as well, over the long term. Maybe that suggests that there might be a species-survival reason for it … Or perhaps there is a  Creator Who just thinks it’s funny …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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