Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannSaturday’s choices from the week’s bounty:

The Obama Administration , for whatever reason, is hiding the forthcoming regulations by which it plans shortly to assume regulatory control of the Internet. Apparently they will not be released until they have been passed. For now, the new regs are stored with the Prez’ school and birth records …

West Coast  Ports  have been shut down by unions; hundreds of    Ships piled up   over two weeks until now, a  Deal reached will start unloading both the lined up ships and undoubtedly, our wallets.

Pope Francis  emphasized the ‘right’ to food; he didn’t go into who would pay for it …

In Turkey , a 17 year old Christian girl was required to take Islamic studies in the ‘secular’ public high school. (She doesn’t pay attention to the news, right?)

Drunk Drivers are now to be released, not arrested, by the Border Patrol per latest orders?

A special Contact Lens to improve vision for macular degenerated patients will be coming from Switzerland. If and when, a blessing!

Climate change reality: Intent of climate alarmists is not environmental but to destroy capitalism, per UN climate official. (Don’t you have to stand in line to do that?)

Climate Changers  are demanding a strong, international authority to regulate all activities likely to affect climate. (Translation: They want to control any such programs?)

America’s largest chain of Christian Bookstores is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. (Sign of the times …?)

Cornell students, told that if they did not have student healthcare, they would have to pay a $350 fee, mobbed the university president’s office; many were covered under their parents’ plans. But it was not the school, it was Obamacare …

World Trade continues decline; ships are being taken out of service and scrapped. (“He who has ears to hear, let him hear …”)

New York Euthanasia  bill (well, “assisted suicide”) was introduced into the legislature. (Deadly!)

The  Art Market  is thriving globally; new London auction records  have been set.  Guess why? Because rich folk don’t want their wealth in money when it has a declining value?

In Europe, Greece continues to repudiate ‘austerity’ and Germany is catching hell for financial sense. Cash  fleeing Greek banks. Poverty  has reached 15.5% in Germay, an all time record.   Euro/Greek  deal struck extending Greece’s moment of unreality (and Europe’s) is a stall, no solution. Greece is going down, tugging the E.U. behind it. Like the U.S, they’re still spending more than they have …

The  GOP is  to investigate climate data tampering by NASA. (As soon as they investigate the IRS, Benghazi, etc?)

A Woman, denied sex, pulls gun on her boyfriend. (A new form of Viagra?)

A Man  went into Starbucks and set himself on fire. (You like their coffee, or you don’t)

Virginia Democrats twice fled their legislature to avoid voting on a resolution to support Israel.

Mouse Mothers were found to pass to their offspring genes that originate with bacteria on their bodies.

A Nurse  killed up to 30 patients with drug overdoses, intending to showoff resuscitation skills?

US/UK spies stole manufacturers’ codes allowing them to monitor cell phone calls around the globe. Lenovo (and Acer, we suspect) sold new PC’s with malware that pops ads onto websites visited. Whom are we to trust, anymore?

A  Naked Woman was arrested for cavorting on the roadway, pounding on the hoods of cars. A Naked Man in Miami trying to break into a house, was shot by police. Cops don’t treat the sexes equally?

Venezuela, the latest socialist paradise, is collapsing; so is its currency. The mayor of Caracas was arrested for sedition, the stores are empty and there is talk of a coup.

Fed Diet Masters   The federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of “plant-based” diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television. (Even George Orwell didn’t imagine that!)

Three married  (to each other) lesbians announced that they are expecting their first child …

The U.S. generously donated $12.3 M in 2014  Foreign Aid  … to China. (Feel the warm glow?)

So, another week’s antics by genus Homo. Enjoy!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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8 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. You get better news than we do ( a bored Brit).

  2. I ám amazed. Obviously I am reading the wrong ones.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Or perhaps there is too much sand to pan through between each golden nugget? I find a lot of my selections on the … (Might be too US -centric for everyday use)

      • thanks for the tip – I’ll check out the Drudge Report. I retreated from media news onto newspapers a few years back as the “news” disappeared. then from newspapers in the last few years for the sme reason. The last paper I bought – The Telegraph – I couldn’t believe. NO news, just gossip about the Royal Family and equivalnt trivia. The internet has filled the void. The plus is I can focus on what I am interested in. The negative is – how reliable? It has been the internet which has raised my exposure to American news, which has been a counter balance to parochialism. I have a lot to learn. I am staggered how the same political formula appears to be happening in both USA and UK. We privatise the Royal Mail (EU diktat), you are going to. We have open borders (EU diktat) you are going to. Proposal of high speed rail in both countries. (Why? While infrastructure crumbles elsewhere, nobody wants it and both govts claim to have no money but have billions for it? I suppose it will make blitzcrieg easier). Alongwith ongoing propaganda about how wonderful the EU is while we never get any news about what is happening in Greece, Italy et al. The news has never been more relevant or more absent.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Amen! ‘Journalists’ are now entertainers. The Internet (that has allowed governments to synchronize) is about to be controlled by the Obama Administration if its grab succeeds …

  3. The internet is a revolution in itself. This situation reminds me of the short-lived renaissance in education in the sixties in UK when educational opportunities opened up to all classes and the children of the elite at elite universities found they were matched in numbers from men and women of all social classes. The door was slammed shut immediately. What would have happened if that situation had continued to the present day? A meritocracy? A genuinely socially mobile society? The internet has given a voice to people the establishment finds convenient to keep silenced. Given everyone an equal platform to say what is really happening – and not the politically edited version. Going on the past they cannot allow this situation to continue. one way or another they will close it down or find out how to silence unwanted voices. Back to your mud huts peasants! We will be reduced to contemplating the clouds and stars and wondering what is happening on the other side of town – never mind the world.

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