How Do “Journalists” Differ From Other Entertainers, Mr. Cuomo?

Fod is DeadThe American divide between past and intended future was stated simply by CNN morning anchor Chris Cuomo: The unalienable rights of Americans do not come from God. Less exciting than drones, deaths and homosexual marriage contracts no doubt but in the long run, much more important. That so few recognize that importance advertises an interesting American future.

Why is this important? For any not already aware, rights of citizens cannot be as the Declaration of Independence has it, “unalienable” unless they are awarded as the Declaration has it, by a Power standing over the government. That is for the American Founders, God. If citizens’ rights do not, as per Cuomo and other Liberals of today, spring from God, then we must conclude that they are awarded by government, the next level of authority. And what the government gives, it can also take; such ‘rights’ are not unalienable. To be a Liberal today, one must abolish the Declaration of Independence; that is done nowadays by ignoring it when its undeniable presence in American history is embarrassing.

Philosophically, such government-conferred ‘rights’ are not truly rights by definition; they are instead, privileges and so, revocable by the authority conferring them. True rights are irrevocable; provided to enable the accomplishment of a related duty and only dissolve when the duty does. But that does not please political leaders who wish to trade ‘rights’ for favors. CNN’s Cuomo would make of rights a mere political currency.

Thus the issue of the Creation ends as a paramount foundation of American government, whether one is pleased therefore or not. Note that this does not require church membership, merely acknowledgment that our existence and environs are the result of an act by an intelligence standing above government and therefore, irrevocable by it. For those who exercise logic honestly, that should not be so hard; we like to depict ourselves as the smartest around but so far, seem unable to profit from very much of the larger universe. But it’s there, it came from somewhere by all appearances, and we have to assign responsibility beyond ourselves. If we wish honesty, at least. Thus, the Declaration of Independence.

Another, more mundane underpinning exists too: The new republic needed legal legitimacy if it wished to amount to more than rebellious Brits. God was in a position to overrule George III, none other could do that. So the Founders needed Him for that reason as well. Without that, the new government could not honestly claim the necessary sovereignty. Contrary to your probable suspicions at this point, such things are taken seriously, at least in some important quarters.

So Mr. Cuomo has made rather an ass of himself; he is (your pick) ignorant or deceitful, given his position. He may of course, also be both. But we probably should not expect more from such as he, given the current Brian Williams furor. (And you can keep your doctor!)

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4 Responses to How Do “Journalists” Differ From Other Entertainers, Mr. Cuomo?

  1. And having booted one God out we have created a vacancy for another?

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