Gleanings From The Passing Scene …(Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA Saturday again; help yourself:

Collapsed oil prices are deplored in the media ; those benifitting (America was built on cheap energy) seem somehow, invisible. If you’re broke; pull in your spending. If the government is broke, raise taxes. Seem like a disconnect to anyone else?

A new public records website  provides background checks on anyone, we’re told. It searches public records all over the country. Yeah; we wonder what it has to say about our Congressperson?

Some 1/3rd of those collecting Disability  are dealing with mental issues, we’re told. That is apparently, about 10 million folk whose presence at movies and in schools is spooky … We used to lock them up; now, we hope that they take their meds …

FTC  is worried for us re the ‘Internet of Things’  i.e. connected gadgets. Especially worried over our loss of privacy. (The NSA doesn’t seem to worry, though.) FCC  Internet regulation is on the other hand, proposed to protect us from unfair Internet providers. Government can’t stomach a free Internet; the CDC will be after it next, to shield us from Ebola.

Pope Francis deplored the degeneration of fatherhood in the West. Can those Swiss Guards hold off a mob of infuriated feminists?

Man  stole a police cruiser and drove around town taunting police over the radio.

Are we seeing Peak Food?   Shortages loom as world production falls, we’re told. Hmnn … fellow named Thomas Malthus said that too, quite a while back. He seemed pretty foolish after the ‘green revolution’ of food production via technology. But these new Malthusians must be right, right? And if they’re wrong, they’ll be right by the time they finish removing our access to affordable energy.

China, the touted coming world power taking over from the U.S. is reported in economic decline. Folks prefer to forget that it has depended upon offshore customers for its cheap goods and that those buyers are in hard straits, reducing their buying. Which makes the Chinese government more tenuous and dangerous …

In Brazil, Sao Paulo, (the largest city) is considering limiting water delivery to two days a week.

Man   bit off his girlfriend’s ear, then beheaded her cat. Somewhere out there, there’s a mate for everyone’s needs …

Subcutaneous Chip  is needed for access at a new Swedish office building. How long before they’re required in maternity delivery rooms?

64% of Reporters  polled said that the Feds spied on their phones, emails and Internet searches. Perhaps a lot of folk preferring not to think about that, should …

The Gallup CEO: announced that jobs, as a percentage of the population, have hit an ALL TIME low. That’s not a statistic; that’s a changed society.

In New Mexico, Parents   shot by their two and a half year old toddler, were charged with child abuse. We remain a bit speechless …

Sex Lubricant  featured in “50  Shades of Gray” has given rise to a class-action lawsuit claiming that it doesn’t work. Hollywood at it again?

BMW is developing glasses that, worn by a driver, let him/her/it see through the car, so that there are no blind spots when parking. We are not making this up!

New Drug described as ‘groundbreaking’ has been announced for the treatment of breast cancer.

Gay/BI men account for 75% of U.S. Syphilis cases per the Centers for Disease Control.

Two U.S. Sisters were arrested in Cambodia for posing nude in a temple at Angkor Wat. Now if they had only picked the national Cathedral in Washington, D.C….

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