Computers Are Psychopaths …

Psycho ComputerWe are being warned now to fear artificial intelligence. By no less than Bill Gates, who has had much to do with moving that idea from SciFi to reality. We, having been incommunicado for some three days as a result of replacing our computer, tend to agree with Mr. Gates, if not exactly for his reasons.

The three have been long days of coaxing a new and improved Windows into some degree of intelligibility. We recall the now ancient, blinking “C” prompt. alone on a dark screen, awaiting our typed command. It was a bit of a challenge but the advent of BASIC programming language gave us tools to deal with it. It required patience, mainly. And modest goals. Now, transitioning from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1, we feel like someone has handed us an instruction manual written in Chinese ideographs. Patience was enough last time we went through this; it’s only the admission card for this time. If we become any more patient, our teeth will fall out. Of course, the unyielding screen, upon which we depend for our results, doesn’t care at all. Our cardiologist might care, if we pay him enough, no one else.

We duly downloaded the precious old files we had so carefully hoarded for transfer to the new machine. We were assured on the screen that the transfer had indeed, occurred. But upon attempting to use the old treasures, our new machine denied all knowledge of such files, and rather indignant.y, too. Apparently, they are floating somewhere in thin air, maybe near some satellite or other.

It is evident that computers have become psychopathic, without any redeeming social conscience and absolutely sans empathy. Bill Gates is right to warn us; when our fates are irretrievably in the hands (so to speak) of these machines, we are doomed. They will simply withdraw our funds without our by-your-leave and proceed without us. Come to think of it, the government has already blazed the way …

How much will be left for the machines though, is a question. Demographics point to fewer workers being born and public education points to reduced worker skill sets. But the generations of retirees are growing. Now, some 2.5 workers support one retiree; that ratio is increasing. But that ain’t all … Younger folks are several times less employed than older ones; the older have to support these unemployed (and often, unemployable) youngsters lest they starve, thereby halting their uniformly Leftish voting. These factors oppose any return of the jobs we’ve exported to China, India etc. And lest U.S. locals have it too easy, we opened our borders to cheaper competitors from Latin America. Plus of course, we are busily replacing our costly labor with robots and ramping up the cost of energy upon which all depends. We are thus impoverishing the United States and eliminating any activities available to the young for earning livings, excepting of course, crime. We may do ourselves in before the machines can get around to it.

We expect, eventually, to submit our new computer to our wishes, so far as that can be, anyway. But while our young continue to elect political pitchmen and women and ?; we have no idea how everybody will continue to eat, drink and be merry. The computers of course, are psychopaths; they don’t care. But some of us might …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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8 Responses to Computers Are Psychopaths …

  1. Pete says:

    With the advent of computer aided robots now manning our automotive assembly lines and computer aided voice recognition answering systems if we throw in computer aided diagnostic tools for the medical profession and sprinkle with computer guided drones are we too far behind the rise of the machines…. and T-4?
    Maybe Mr Gates has some foresight we just do not see yet?

  2. james teague says:

    This can’t be a bit of praise for Window Vista. Even 8.1 doesn’t like it. Nothing worked and its final vindictiveness is to be sure you get nothing out of it. Cheers. I went from Vista to Yosemite OS11 and mine mostly work.

  3. Lol. Attaching a television screen to a typewriter was never a good idea. Perhaps the computers are already in charge and are deliberately stressing us to death? Grey hair, ground down teeth, elevated blood pressure, increased cortisol, overweight ( especially children who only imagine they are taking exercise and having adventures these days) detachment from reality. Never figured out cloud myself. Things seem to head off there on their own initiative , how to get them back? Gives a new meaning to ” his head’s in the clouds”. I hope your lost sheep return of their own accord while you still need them.

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