Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannBite-sized excerpts from the bubbling stew of human affairs:

Jobs  Yours, in 10 years, likely won’t exist. Hmnn … Seems to us, given the work force shrinkage, that we’re already there!

Global Warming:  Staus: Continues to melt money by the shipload.

Greece, having now elected its far-Left Syriza party to power, faces the ECB & Germany who are refusing to negotiate Greece’s debt as they bail out the country. Concensus: likely Greek self-destruction. The E.U.’s first domino?

A  Man in a crowded New York City Home Depot, shot another man and himself. (In that order.)

An 11 year old boy stole a lighter at Walmart, then he and his 13 year old girl cousin used it to start the greeting card section burning, resulting in massive fire damage. (Poor black kids clearly desperate for attention.)

A CA Mileage Tax  is on table with California legislators watching falling gas tax revenues.

Subprime home loans at the heart of the 2008 financial collapse, have continued since and now, 3% Down returns to real estate. We didn’t learn from recent history, so …

Scientists  can now unboil an egg. (We aren’t sure what to make of this.)

The Obamafolk announced a coming massive overhaul of the way our government pays for our Healthcare. We suspect the “how” is secondary to the “how much;” the government’s budget folk just reported that Obamacare   costs $50,000 per year for every health-insured American.

A 17 yr boy  was arrested in Brooklyn for a Facebook post with emoticons deemed threatening to cops. Our ‘security’ is becoming costly …

President Obama’s legacy accomplishment per some, will be the decline of the Middle Class. Have not these souls noticed the Congress?

The GOP now  abandons campaign promises on immigration. (We knew their fingers were crossd!)

U.S. State Department officials in Egypt met with Musliim Brotherhood leaders who the next day, announced Jihad against the current Egyptian government (that has been trying to protect Christians)

The Supreme Court decided 8 to 1 that the  4th Amendment won’t protect us from police searches lacking due process when said police are ‘mistaken’ in their procedure. (We predict a massive increase in police errors.)

A Middle School Student  was arrested in Sacramento after pot brownies sent classmates to hospital. (We pay for a world-wide war on drugs … that can’t keep them out of middle schools?)

Sex Party  filmed on phones by 4 Wisconsin middle schoolers led to arrest. Undecided whether charges will be filed. (A conundrum: They were all under age, and they all consented.)

30 Bats  flew into Arkansas courtroom  during a trial. (We presume that at least one attorney objected.)

Iran  appears to be targeting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s children after an Israeli airstrike killed a Hezbollah leader and an Iranian General in Syria.

A Chicago Road Rage incident of blocking, flipping off etc ended with gunfire. (Be careful whom you antagonize?)

Hillary Clinton  agreed to testify to the House panel on Benghazi. (So, the fix is in?)

A Woman  turned 40, then married herself. (Why not, these days?)

Research says that the Brains  of violent psychopaths can’t learn from punishment. (Didn’t we used to lock them up?)

A Fake Cop  pulled over real cop. (An arresting report)

Legal Pot is the fastest-growing business in the US. (May we assume that illegal pot is the fastest shrinking U.S. business?)

As Porky Pig used to say, at the end of a cartoon: “That’s all, folks!” We hope that it was worth your while …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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6 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Pete says:

    Jack do you have a ‘key logger’ on my desktop? I have a potential post about my former occupation as a printing pressman sitting there unfinished. The punch line was to be something about how most of the printing trades people are now out of work due to copy centers and personal printers. Thanks now I have to do one about the drop in gas prices…. you probably have that one too but maybe I can publish mine first. Just kidding, I enjoy your ‘Gleanings from the passing scene’ postings.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I think you’ve put your finger on a huge and mostly avoided, issue:


      Adding it up: Demographics — fewer working age having to support more
      elderly folk.
      Technology — Manual and knowledge workers both
      replaced by machines.
      Competition — Open immigration providing cheaper
      Regulation — Government market interventions
      sending domestic occupations offshore.

      Social Security is collapsing from an excess of retiree demand over the
      supply of paying workers. Seems to me, the general world economy is
      painting itself into that same corner … It’s your own pressman story
      writ large! Or so it seems to me …

      • Pete says:

        My time has passed and I am comfortable in my wilderness abode, I worry for my son who for decades has produce television and corporate video. With the advent of iPhone video and editing programs his field is vanishing now that anyone can create programing.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        All our replacements from my view, face the disappearance of
        opportunities that until now, most of us have taken for granted. Work
        has fled overseas, been assigned to machines, simplified to
        insignificance and is being cheapened by imported proletarians. Only
        the economic bones are left of the productive force that was America
        and for that, of Europe as well. I worry too. with no idea of how or
        even of if our progeny will succeed in replacing it in their lifetimes,
        especially as our politicians seem bent upon accelerating the process

  2. A woman turned 40, then married herself.

    Of course. Any word yet on whether or not we can divorce ourselves?

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