Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannPieces of our all-too-human world, for your review …

Nonprofit Hospitals:  IRS regulations limit bill collecting from patients. Obamacare reduces their reimbursements for services. Smaller rural ones are disappearing …

Illegals Applying for California drivers’ licenses are failing the written exam 71% of the time. (And then, they drive back to work?)

It’s reported that these days, Billionaires  donate more to Democrats than to Republicans. Them as has, gets …

10- -Year Treasury Bonds have been paying less than 2% interest. No wonder pension plans are unable to fund promised pensions … they can’t safely earn what they need to pay them.

A Dad called cops to supervise his daughter’s spanking.

President Obama said recent hacks prove the need for government to regulate the Internet; Congress immediately proposed a new bill. Government will not rest until it controls the net!

Food Stamps:  Use has exceeds 46 Million people  for 38 consecutive months of our recovery.

The cost of unemployment insurance (Paid by employers) is rising … Will layoffs become as expensive as keeping workers?

Nancy Pelosi appointed the first Muslim Congressman, a Democrat, to the Congressional Intelligence Committee. Well, he might provide some really good contacts …

Man wanted  by police for urinating in washing machines at Laundromat.

Israel : The U.S. consulate in Jerusalem  has armed its Palestinian guards. (That worked so well in Benghazi)

A Cyclist  hit by a truck was robbed while unconscious. (Be careful of where you lay around)

Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 2 yr old in dryer while babysitting. A Woman burned a newborn in the middle of a New Jersey road.

Test results show that 39% of current  College Grads lack the skills needed for white collar jobs. (So? Ain’t no such jobs for the young now, nohow.)

An Air India flight was delayed two hours by a Cockpit Fight between pilot and engineer. (Maybe there was only one parachute?)

Uber    was ordered shut down in So Carolina. Another state that apparently would exclude Henry Ford in order to keep is horses.

In current Socialist Paradise Venezuela, the endless lines of people waiting for scarce goods have led three states to ban waiting in line. (Really!)

Fury has erupted over the Oscars nominees; no black actors are on the list. (Someone doesn’t seem to understand entitlement!)

The Mayor of  Seattle wants to organize the recovery by opening 3 new tent cities for the homeless.

A Majority (51%) of public school kids now live in (Fed. Defined) poverty.

Christine LaGarde, IMF Chief (International Monetary Fund):  “Global economy facing very strong headwinds.”  (Hasn’t heard re Obama’s recovery?)

Prices   Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, electricity hit records  but the CPI (Consumer Price Index) declined, so we know that there is still no inflation.

A California Man  survived an hour in garbage truck  (scooped up when searching for his wallet).

And thus, another weeks’ sampling of human affairs. Sometimes we wonder who chose “Homo Sapiens” for our species …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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