Islam Seen Today: Fox News, President Obama … And A Terrible Reality

Nuclear IranTonight, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly deplored President Obama’s policy on Islamic terrorism (About 90% of world terrorism is Islamic.). Well, that is Mr. O’Reilly’s job. Regardless, he is correct in saying that the Obama propaganda suggesting that Moslems’ mass murder is a result, not of Islam but of various nutcases, is both ineffective and dishonest.

It is true that most Moslems are not terrorists as it was true that most Germans were not Nazis, however in both instances, the people failed to oppose the extremists and so, tacitly supported them. And in the case of Islam, still do that.

Islam is as internally divided as Christianity, with Sunnis and Shia and others instead of Catholics, Protestants and others. But divided Christians have given up killing each other while Moslems continue. Nor do today’s Christians support killing non-Christians but Molems largely do, even when unwilling to do it themselves. (Remember the videos of dancing in the streets after the World Trade Center came down?)

Mr. O’Reilly said tonight that by addressing Moslem extremists apart from the religion, our President was dealing with symptoms while refusing to recognize the disease. Mr. O’Reilly is correct; extremist Jihad (terrorism) is a Moslem sickness and only Moslems will cure it … if that is their desire.We do not know what they will do; evidence to date does not support optimism. But it is unarguable that, if the mass of Moslems remain unwilling to put down their murderous fringe, it will at some point, require everyone else to address the source of the infection. The ultimate cost of such treatment seems incalculable, but that is reality.

Reinforcing Mr. O’Reilly’s concerns is President Obama’s Iranian policy. At this point, his negotiation with Iran has produced no sign of progress toward a nuclear halt, yet the President announced that should Congress tighten the economic sanctions against Iran, the President will veto the move. It appears that the President is accepting of or resigned to, a nuclear Iran that has repeatedly declared an intent to destroy Israel. And as Mr. O’Reilly observed, upon past and current support of terrorists, might well supply such groups with nukes.

We syympathize with the President; short of destroying the place, there seems little anyone can do to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Nor Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others, either. But he needn’t extend an invitation. That only speeds things in the wrong direction.

The President, together with the other representatives of Western Civilization, should make it abundantly clear that Islamic terrorism is Islam’s responsibility and the Moslems of the world must deal with it. The West, after all is said and done, can only protect itself from such an infection by the ultimate destruction of Islamic civilization, if that were even possible.

Mr. O’Reilly was circumspect; he did not extend his remarks to that inevitable conclusion but in the cold logic of reality, it seems undeniable.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam today show evidence of existential issues and in each case, only they affected faith can deal with them. But the first two do not murder at large and applaud the result as presently does Islam. Its proponents, by accepting this, are sowing the wind and we will all reap the resulting whirlwind.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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8 Responses to Islam Seen Today: Fox News, President Obama … And A Terrible Reality

  1. I am a bit off-track here, but I wonder if a large part of the problem, though not helped by Islam, is cultural – a severe symptom of culture shock? Cultures develop as an adaptation to the environment – starting with geographical (Sth Sea islanders wear palm leaves, Eskimos don’t) and human interaction – isolated cultures kinda rigidify through lack of exposure to new ideas. Such cultures may lose their ability to accommodate to new ideas, which people in our culture do automatically and have been doing for thousands of years. For such people then, what works is what they have always done – proven by their experience, and not only change is rejected but the type of change required is catastrophic – the contrast between the situation of women in Western culture and most Islamic ones are extreme. Amounts to us saying to them – let your slaves go – when their status of man is based on not being a slave/woman. Saying that, religious barriers prevent cross fertilisation of cultures – one would have expected the Islamic countries around the Mediterranean to have “relaxed” by now. They are in contrast to places such as Saudi Arabia. But apart from Cyprus, Islamic cultures and Western ones are like oil and water.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I’ve wondered how much ‘religion’ is culture in drag with as much
      suspicion as you express. Islam appears to me, as dolled-up Arabic
      tribalism, more or less. And an Arab Moslem, versis a Bangladeshi or
      Moro one add to that, for me at least. But among those differences, it
      also seems to me that the inevitable extremist fringe tends to function
      pretty much the same way everywhere, irrespective of how the local
      women fit in. An educated Iranian women can be quite a contrast with a
      chador-clad Afghan but there seems little difference to me, between
      Iranian-sponsored Hamas and Pakistan-sponsored (at least, until
      recently?) Taliban when it comes to operations.

      But your point seems to fit; isn’t Christmas a Christian overlay upon
      earlier beliefs and practices?

  2. Us free-thinkers in the West have it easy. Imagine what it is like being a free-thinker in an Islamic culture – 1,000 lashes for telling the truth? I read the book “The Trouble With Islam” Irshad Manji years ago. I come from Northern Ireland, a religion soaked (I didn’t notice that religion had improved anybody) peasant culture, with the common peasant custom of being chronically misogynist and routinely abusive to women. (I moved to England 30 years ago – Ah, civilisation). Reading Manji’s book she could have been describing a more extreme example of N Ireland. It seemed to me, as you commented, that religion was just being used to enforce cultural bigotry, with a prime focus on keeping “women in their place”. My Mum, more of a suffragist than feminist used to say a man who can’t take competition from women, isn’t much of a man.
    ” Arab-tribalism ” is apt. My previous comment I was implying that the Muslim world isn’t ready for us. But if we engage with them, we also are not ready for them. We forgot to take that PhD in Arab/Islamic studies first. Certainly our #%¥$€#% leaders failed too – unless it is their intention to inflict anarchy on the West.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Bridget Delia Doyle from County Cork: Great grandmother is as close as
      I can get to that experience, plus tales from mom who was raised among
      Irish clergy. Perhaps, given the physical differences and what appear
      natural inclinations peculiar to human females, the general and ancient
      male dominance pattern is initially biological? Modified since by
      developing cultures and especially now, technology. Pushing buttons
      isn’t very challenging physically; it moves competition onto new ground
      where physical superiority is moot. Dunno, but it seems to fit.
      Notably, Moslem fundamentalists disapprove of modern tech (excepting of
      course, weapons).

      The feminists I suspect, won’t be happy until the use of surrogates
      devolves into lab-made artificial wombs, relieving women of the final
      ‘crippling’ difference: pregnancy. (All that will be left to do then,
      is arrange for the wearing of beards.)

      And indeed, cultures are conservative by nature; the more rigid ones
      more so. Islam will ultimately collapse of its internal contradictions
      against an obviously more desirable life in the mpodern world; but it
      will thrash about, tearing apart all it can reach in the process, seems
      to me.

  3. Human beings conquered the animal kingdom on the basis of brains not brawn. If women used the same value system as men – might is right – men would be finished. On the other tack the chances are humans have survived their high error output because we have an unusually high reproduction rate for animals of our size, combined with no natural predator apart from ourselves. A high reproduction rate implies a high expendability rate.
    It is hard to judge another culture. Geography shapes us more than we recognise. In temperate zones the limits of tyranny were the environment offered options for individuals, sometimes groups to walk away and live off the land. Like the Jews who lived in the forests in the Nazi era. You can’t walk away in a desert. Also in relatively lawless lands, bandit ridden, the family and tribe are your only resource for survival. Women are essential for reproduction – little else. You can’t send them out to plough the non-existent fields. In deserts the margins for survival are slim. Everyone wants a big strong tribe to keep themselves safe, which of course reduces the margins further. So you wipe out the other tribe entirely and take all they ‘ve got – in order to survive. Their methods and mind set worked for their environment. They are the children of the survivors over hundreds of years.
    Religion has multiple functions. Frequently it mainly codifies cultural values. Jesus warned against confusing God’s laws, with man’s laws. Religion in tribes often advocate “God’s” requirement to slaughter the enemy. Just read the Old Testament.
    Now they are here – in their version of the “promised land”. What we have, we are denying them and that alone is reason for hatred. Kill or be killed. Conquer or be conquered. For all our leaders blether about multi-culturalism – I wish they had bothered to inform themselves about the nature of the cultures they were getting involved with BEFORE engaging with them.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      An interesting and informative analysis, if depressing. As for our
      leaders, I rather doubt that they care overmuch, so long as they feel
      in control and therefore, safe themselves …

      • One way or another our leaders are throwing the rest of us under the bus. Their game with the Muslims – using Muslim terrorism which they have a hand in provoking and enabling is clearly to strip Western populaces of their rights via terrorism laws. Create the problem then offer the “solution”. I recently concluded the only reason Britain held out against the Nazis was the leaders were afraid of Hitler playing his master race card, as the Normans earlier did, to the shock of the Anglo Saxon nobility who thought they would be assimilated to the conquerors. The Islamists/restored caliphate echo Hitler’s, master race rhetoric. So the rulers might be making a mistake – or there has been a secret palace coup and they are already Muslim puppets. Actions speak louder etc.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        My ever-adapting opion sees much the same, with a caveat that our
        Mighty appear to my jaundiced eye insufficiently capable to have
        planned so well. Perhaps they are more the Mrs. MacBeth, seeing what is
        before them, handle toward their hand and ignoring or unwitting that
        the thing is two-edged? Small difference to the rest of us, I admit.

        But the economic collapse of international monetary resources I fear
        will limit the Moslems even more than it limits the West, seems to me.
        A lot of ambitions will be clipped by reality and there will be a
        sufficiency of mess at home to hold the interests of all parties while
        funding massive adventures elsewhere will be a higher cliff to climb.
        Nor does it seem there are enough Q-ship Moslems already in place for
        significant political power once the Mighty no longer see them as a
        useful tool. But those are but castles built in the air; we will have
        to see what Reality is up to …

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