Enduring Truth: “You Can;t Swindle An Honest … Voter!”

A PIG IN A POKE (Synonym: Election)

(Synonym: Election)

Funny how we don’t see things that we don’t wish to see. The US and the UK share an issue from what we read: Mostly, the new jobs coming into being are low pay, low talent occupations. Reports in the US say that all the new jobs since the late collapse of 2008 have been filled by (largely illegal) ‘immigrants. And the percentage of folk not in the labor force has grown to equal the numbers from the days when ‘housewife’ was assumed the occupation of most women. There are few visible soup kitchens but food stamps have replaced them, for some 18% of Americans. And we are to call this: ‘recovery.’

So, given all those folk out of work and dependent upon government to exist, why is government in the UK, America and for that matter, northern Europe, sucking as many impoverished Latin Americans and Africans into their derelict economies to compete with the insufficiently employed locals? As government can’t afford to explain, we will try.

We Westerners have allowed ourselves to become the high cost producers on the globe. Like Sears, Radio Shack and others, we are vanishing from the world economy for that reason. We will end earning minimum wages serving each other burgers. Except, the burger business now can buy automated burger machines that replace some 3 workers and never tire nor have a union contract with overtime bonuses. Public education is dumbed down to behavioral conditioning because masses of smarties won’t fit into this new/old paradigm. Politicians can’t afford to say so, of course. But that’s where government policy is taking us. Call them the “new Malthusians.” (If that seems odd, Google: Thomas Malthus.)

By importing all the cheap, unlettered labor to compete for the remaining dumb jobs, government is restoring our ability to compete on the world market. And reducing our standard of living in order to do so. Quietly, so far as the last part. But you may Google “US Median Household Income.”  We don’t know, but expect that the EU is undergoing similar stresses; the appearance is there. It’s the current fad among the elite. Folks who seem to make up their economics to suit as they proceed.

If you stopped to Google Malthus, maybe (no guarantee) you found that he was proven wrong in his prediction. Wrong, because technology blew his calculations out of the water; food production accelerated to sustain far more than he ever contemplated. Our leaders fail by the same oversight; refusing to acknowledge the possibility. Instead of trying to raise the poor to our level of wealth, our leaders are reducing us to meet the rising poor; we are all to meet in the middle.

We won’t, of course; we will meet at the lowest common denominator as humans ever have done. Western society is a mass of social lemmings, on the way over a cliff of its own making. We do select our leaders, right? And they support lots of expensive pollsters so as to know in which direction to lead us. While so doing, they secretly despise our intelligence and we, less secretly despise theirs, both being quite correct.

We think they are giving us something for nothing when we select them; they see us doing the very same thing n their behalf. But only one of those views is correct … To identify which, look for the all expenses paid vacation in Hawaii.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Enduring Truth: “You Can;t Swindle An Honest … Voter!”

  1. Yep, that’s how it always works, we all meet at lowest common denominator, usually standing in a bread line with a wheelbarrow full of useless paper money. How come I know these things and our leaders don’t?

  2. Pete says:

    Ok Jack I now know you have a key logger connected to my sons computer. On the desktop here in Texas is a posting I have been working on (more like getting frustrated over), for a week now about the exodus of skilled jobs and our remaining three choices…(government, healthcare or the service industry.) Yes I know the building trades and construction field is still a growth occupation but it is always in a state of flux and not as dependable as flipping burgers, pushing a wheel chair or sitting around doing nothing for the government….. and Jack I am switching computers!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … My computer, hell, even my toaster is smarter than I am;
      either of them may be stealing your keystrokes, though personally,
      given the substance of your nascent post, I’d suspect the IRS. But not
      I! I can’t even recover my own … But a healthy paranoia (as much as
      you can manage) seems life-extending, these days. Recommended!

      I suspect that the dembing-down of public education matches the
      dumbing-down of economic opportunities for the average citizen by no
      accident. The middle class is rare — hell, uique –in history for a
      reason. We are returning to the historical norm: a two-class society.
      You nailed it, I think.

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