Fanatic Islam, Threatened Dictators, Declining Hegemons: Reality Surpasses Fiction!

Arab BombersFrom the endless indignation of our newsies, we are supposed to be chagrined at the absence of our mighty from the French street circus over the Jihadist attack on a French magazine. That absence is important! Crucial, even. Intolerable for the Leader of the Free World! Inevitably followed by: The President must Do Something!

“Something” is never defined. It must be whatever the President isn’t doing of course, but we confess ignorance of what that might be. While not Presidential fans, neither do we support hangings for undefined crimes. Such accusers seem more in need of attention than does their accused. And at bottom, these carpings necessarily demand added spending of money that does not exist, unless borrowed (shudder) or the Fed prints it. (Shudder, shudder.)

This is demagoguery masquerading as news. Yes, our Prez shows few leadership skills and a soft spot for murderous Muslims. Whose responsibility is that? We elected a man of no resume, with much of his record expensively hidden. How can we now complain?

Terrorists, Islamic and not, want above all, headlines. The Islamic ones aren’t too swift but even they have noticed that attacks in Europe and North America provide more headlines than attacks in more benighted place. Travel in our day is cheap and easy; we should have been expecting more Paris-style (cheap and easy) tactics since 9/11/1991. Our lengthy hiatus has resulted from Islamic ineptitude, not from defense or intention.

So suicide bombers (recently, a 10 year old girl), roadside bombs and armed attacks should be expected in the West. They’re cheap, costing only lives and some explosives, and highly effective for generating the desired publicity. ‘Peaceful’ Islam will be generating many more, at no charge. Well, just those lives.

Our leaders try to straddle the gap between us and our declared enemies, claiming nonsensically that Islam is ‘peaceful’ and if we will only abandon the damn Jews and accept Islam, we will have no more trouble. They don’t actually say that, of course but that’s the implication. Unfortunately, that requires a return to 7th century lifestyles that even most non-Jihadist Moslems reject. Nevertheles …

Where history is still taught, folks know that Christianity was forced onto people by an Emporer; it was expunged by murderous Moslems by force, those were later attacked by foreign Christians (who failed) and today’s Moslems are dedicated to exterminating the Jews, one people who haven’t attacked them. It can be hard to track the players without a program …

It’s a centuries old game and it’s going on now, refreshed by technology that the Islamic radicals oppose strongly but use at every opportunity. The most obvious comparison for Moslem Jihadists is the Nazis, whom Arabs approved and often still do.The Nazis tactics finally became unpopular; the Moslem murderers are headed in the same direction.

All this is arriving in the West as its society dissolves of its own abandonment of its Christian organizing beliefs, a weakness that is an invitation to the Jihadists. The only possible solution will be found by the Moslem majority refusing to legitimize the attackers, an outcome that seems distant at best.

Meantime, Russia and China are sinking economically, accelerated by Arab energy policies intended to stifle American oil competition via fracking, a comparatively uneconomic process compared to the older methods of the Gulf Arabs. Governors of those stripes often use wars to distract their populace from misery and the increasing bellicosity of Russia and China is no accident. They have, unlike the Jihadists, nukes. Ex Soviet Mikhail Gorbachev just warned that Russia seems willing to use them, as President Putin had previously stated.

Add it up: Restive nuclear powers increasingly aggressive, small scale but fanatic Moslems bent on murder in the West and the West itself, a spent force in decline from its own contradictions. Set against an international financial decline, born of political mismanagement. Who wrote this silly plot? No one will believe the movie!.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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