Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour significant Saturday selections:

Local Police   are receiving more military gear from the Feds  since the  Ferguson riots. We’re not sure exactly why as we hear a rumor that the Justice Department  flooded Ferguson with agents to assure that the local cops weren’t too tough on the rioters.

New York  state Medicaid will fund sex change operations. Generous taxpayers! Next, breast implants?

U.S.   Marines  apparently put battle readiness above political correctness. They just flunked out the last female infantry candidates, unarguably because they failed to meet physical standards set for male warriors. The politicians are now demanding lower standards so that a sufficient number of women may be Marines. That’s what politicians do … and if the result doesn’t win battles, you won’t hear of that.

Our Prez now wants free Community College   for all. He hasn’t said how we should pay for that, nor mentioned that only    20% Finish those 2 year degrees in the first 3 years.   Just details, right?

Our leaders are crowing over the ‘low’ 5.6%  Unemployment  rate. Not mentioning the  Record number of folk who have dropped out of the work force.  Because those dropouts are the reason for the declining unemployment rate?

Dosens of Dartmouth students have been nailed in a massive cheating scandal in sports, religion and ethics classes. Our future leaders in training (and you can keep your doctor)

A new poll found that Independents  now outnumber Democrats or Republicans. That’s a record! (Could there be hope after all?)

A survey has discovered that Self-driving cars  are in general, horrifying to most. Hmnn … How about self-driving  airliners, anybody?

Hillary is said to be upset over Bill’s name turning up with Prince Andrew  in the Epstein Sex Scandal . We note that the Prince’s name turns up in headlines over this a lot more than Bill’s seems to do. In the U.K. do you suppose that the opposite is the case?

A high-flying Chines Real Estate outfit has spparently defaulted on its foreign lenders. That’s spooky; China is not Argentina. (We‘d best hope!)

Argentinaq  has stiffed its lenders and continues into the drain … (Again!)

A new Antibiotic  does not produce resistance in  the bugs it kills. That’s new! (And promising)

The FCC will vote in February on a regulatory takeover  of  the Internet. If accomplished then, a blizzard of taxes will follow. We are fearless predicting that, should this try be somehow averted, the attempts will continue until ultimate success, whatever it takes. If the Democrats fail, the GOP will succeed. If that fails too, the two will unite to the task. A free Internet for the citizens? Good greif, next they’ll want a free market!

A   Moslem  cleric justifies the Paris magazine murders  “by Islamic law.” See, Moslems tend to think that ‘Islamic law’ overrules local laws everywhere. (All they need to prove that, is a gun.)

U.S.  College Freshman  on average, read at 7th grade level. (When sober, we presume.)

Virginia ex-Governor McConnell got 2 years for corruption. Guess he wasn’t good enough to run for Congress?

Russia has had to open its military to foreigners, its  Credit is downgraded to just above junk  and its financial future  Prediction is dismal.  A place that historically, is most dangerous just before a collapse?

Afghanista  reaped a record opium crop in 2014; you can’t say we didn’t accomplish anything there!

A study shows that Cops  are more reluctant to shoot at blacks than whites. (Shocking?)

See this   Chart  ? The last time the S&P 500 had four consecutive losing days, was in: 1928 . Doesn’t mean a thing, of course …

Social Security has been collecting  overpayments to parents from their children upon reaching adulthood. (Do you have debts you don’t know of?)

Not all are gloomy; Rolls Royce  set an all time sales record 2014. …

A San Diego dad who produced a Playboy-themed 18th birthday party for his daughter, was arrested. The neighbors complained; the cops found underage partygoers and booze being served. Parenting risks aren’t what they used to be …

A naked woman was jailed for fleeing police at high speed, trying to avoid the DUI with which she was ultimately charged, in addition to the escape attempt. She said she wasn’t naked; she was wearing a bra …Guess she was barely drunk, too …

So there’s the tray; help yourself to any bits that appeal …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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