Right Wing, Left Wing; Good Cop, Bad Cop … It’s All A Scam!

Good Cop Bad copAn ancient and current interrogation tool is to present the subject to be wrung out with two interrogators, one pleasant and sympathetic, another mean and aggressive. It’s called in the trade, “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” The prisoner is supposed to think that he has one friend and one enemy. It is expected that he will tell the “friend” whatever he knows. It is ancient, because it works. And even experienced criminals fall for it, over and again.

Many know this and fall for it anyway. Just as voters fall for the American ‘two party’ system. The political legends say Democrats represent the little guy; Republicans represent the fat cats. Democrats favor the people, the GOP favors business. Democrats want a large government to do good things for people; Republicans want a small government to save money and protect the rich. Sure! Believers in such things are potential customers for a lot of large bridge.

In reality, the two parties are only one party with two branches, one good cop and one bad cop … but both are cops on the same police force. And which one is good or bad, depends upon party affiliation. They use different tactics so that when folks are tired of one, the other seems appealing. It’s a scam to keep the same rulers in charge.

Consider: Bush warred in Iraq and Afghanistan; Candidate Obama complained. President Obama warred in Iraq and Afghanistan and is warring anew in Iraq, about which he had complained the most. . President Bush added prescriptions to Medicare; President Obama topped him with Obamacare. President Bush ‘saved’ us from the 2008 financial collapse by deficit spending and bank bailouts; President Obama carried those on and added ‘stimulus.’ Democrats have more millionaires than do Republicans today. And most big donors in business contribute to both parties, handing the larger donations to whichever one is actually in charge at the moment. The parties are in fact, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Nearly identical twins, but for their voters.

Even there differences are more apparent than real. Democrats are pro and Republicans are anti union, right? Yet the GOP has not taken down the fence of labor laws and regulations that cement unions into schools, local governments and various industries. Well, but for Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

One way of perpetuating this scam is the Left/Right con. Left and Right have no real political meaning in practice; they are camouflage. The Nazis were right wing villains, right? Except that “Nazi” was short for (in German) “The National Socialist Party.” Surprised? If so, add that the Italian Fascists were socialists, too. Not what they say in school though, is it …You may wish to consider that.

We submit that ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ are hokum. Distractions for the masses. What matters, is how much power is taken by government and how much power remains with the people. All else we submit, is distraction. If you can work, live and raise your kids by your own decisions you are free to that extent. If the government is involved in those, it matters not whether it claims right or left excuses for its involvement; you are preempted either way. And that is what matters; the excuses do not. they are simply political sales pitches.

So regardless of whom rules, we expect:

1. Barring some cataclysm, Obamacare will not be repealed; it will be ‘fixed.’

2. World wide military adventures lacking funds to pay for them will continue apace,

3.Social spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare) that exceeds available funds will continue unabated. So will GOP complaints, as they vote for the spending bills that make it possible.

Until the next big stock market crash, expected by many in 2015. Or later; some expected it sooner. ‘When’ is a guessing game; ‘what’ is a certainty. Even governments cannot spend more than they take in forever …

The summary: If you have a tyrant in charge, his leftness or rightness becomes irrelevant. The effect upon you is the same. And in America, Democrats and Republicans are just different people taking the heat off each other, doing the same things though with a few different friends.

You’re welcome to disagree; there’s plenty of Kool-Ade been served. If you’d like to comment, kindly provide chapter and verse so far as possible. We encourage debate here, we discourage trollishness. Most who come seem smart folk; an atmosphere worthy of support. Whether Left or Righr, we don’t much care … Wepre all in this together!


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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3 Responses to Right Wing, Left Wing; Good Cop, Bad Cop … It’s All A Scam!

  1. A few years back (UK) when I noticed the 3 main parties all offered the same policies, thus cleverly scuppering choice, I suggested now they were all the same they should stop the pretence and form one party. If they needed a name “Quisling” seemed most apt. I have become more cynical over the years. As I believe in keeping things simple, perhaps the same party, which apparently rules all Western countries, as they all have the same policies should be “Them” which honestly portrays the direction of their policies with respect to Us”.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Capital! And indeed, all the western countries seem similarly wedded to
      failed economics allegedly abandoned (If one believes) by the Russians.
      And I suspect that “them vs. us” it has ever been …
      I fear that you may be more observant than cynical!

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