Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA Saturday foothold upon a new year, with fewer instances of human foolishness perhaps, but more of human folly …

New York Times  credits big government spending for US prosperity …  and Love is Hate and War is Peace and the New York Times can’t understand why it was forced recently to lay off a lot of people.

6 Arrested   For drive-by shooting of two. The six have previous police records and we suspect from the way the report avoids the subject, that they might be black. Blacks live at greater risk than whites, and the danger they face is fellow blacks. We aren’t supposed to notice …

Chicago: 4 dead, 11 wounded (No protest planned)

A Teen, a top student athlete from Grosse Pointe, was shot in a car full of Detroit pot smokers.

Five or six shots were fired from a passing car at Firefighters refueling a fire truck. One was grazed by a bullet. (Firefolk are targets considerably more often than realized.)

Washington D.C.:  5 Shot dead Christmas Eve;  Miami  1 dead, 2 hurt.

2 Black Men   Attempt shooting cop parked in car. Fortunately failed.

Teens   brawled at a Pittsburg mall; police had to be called. How long have kids been acting like that?

Two Newborns, umbilicals still attached, were found at the roadside near San Diego. Should we be surprised?

A Police Chief   in Georgia shot his wife by mistake. It is not clear whether the shooting or the marriage, was the mistake.

Russia  Iis seeing more than 10% inflation as its ruble declines under NATO sanctions and falling oil prices. Venezuela is in recession and its currency is inflating as well. Japan is in economic plus demographic decline. Brazil has entered a historic corruption scandal from its state-owned oil industry. Economic recovery is so … interesting!

Obamacare  advisor Jonathan Gruber predicted in 2009 that it would not be affordable. Honesty seems to be his worst policy …

Alan Greenspan , primary architect of cheap money at the Fed, has, now that he is no longer in charge, suddenly noticed that  the US economy sucks. Maybe he is’nt reading the papers reporting our recovery?

Antarctic Sea Ice has reached a new record per NASA; Arctic sea ice is increasing  over its 2006 low. We hadn’t known that ice could be a ‘climate change denier.’

Bedbugs   can now be trapped, collected  and maybe even eliminated – again!

Jeffrey Gundlac, a bond indvestment king, says Interest Rates  may continue dropping as a counter to the strengthening dollar. Could be; the Fed’s trumpeted halt to QE has not halted Fed pressure on interest rates. Nor do any politicians want a swift return to reality during their terms. So local government bankruptcies over underfunded pension plans … may continue.

Switzerland  wants to send prisoners to French and German jails to avoid building more of its own. We hear they’re allowing fewer immigrants in, too. Sensible folk, very irritating …

Saudi Arabia   plans  to segregate sexes on its state airline flights unless they are close relatives. Think that will catch on?

In the EU , the question is: Will Greece bail out? Germany says, “So what?” The Latins  say they’ll stick until the Germans stop supporting them.

France had a mild New Years’ Eve; only  940 cars burned.

Coal energy , under regulatory foreclosure in the US, is burgeoning in China and India. (Which is why our leaders think we must stop using the cheap stuff.)

Federal dietary guidelines are being revised to reduce eating meat. Next seems to be  sugar. Free ccitizens need a Nanny to see that they live properly …

The Supreme Court  just said that police may use illegally obtained evidence if the officers are ‘reasonably ignorant’ of the fact that their action is illegal.  Police Targeting   Maryland gun owners for traffic stop searches may benefit?

The numbers of Mexican Wetbacks detained at the border has fallen to a historic low. Very mysterious, right?

Mysterious fake cell phone Towers  appearing around the country seem to be Federal and police eavesdropping and phone locator tools. The FCC  will vote in February on taking  on Internet regulation. And for some reason,  Web Freedom  seen as growing  global issue. We suspect that there can be a free internet or a government, but not both at one. Sort of like churches that way …

Nudists   chase and arrest man hiding a camera in cooler bag. Hmnn …

Senate Boss Harry Reid  broke several ribs and bones in his face, allegedly in an accident with home gym equipment. Even his gym machines hate him?

A naked man in a Portland park wrestled her taser from a responding cop. She should have known a guy outdoors naked this time of year was tough …

And that’s about all we can stand, after only one week into the new year.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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