Comparisons: Do Moslems Behave Differently Than Did Nazis? (Does Anyone Else?)

Pope Julius

Pope Julius

We’ve been comparing. One comparison was Republicans versus Democrats. We noted that President Bush liked Middle Eastern wars, hiked up Medicare with prescriptions coverage and dealt with the financial crash by bailing out the banks with money he didn’t have available, ‘stimulating’ the economy with more of the same. President Obama likes wars in the Middle East, hiked up Medicaid with Obamacare and ‘stimulated’ the economy with money he didn’t have either. A real contrast, right? And now, President Obama wants massive illegal immigration, whereas John Boehner, GOP House Speaker, wants … massive immigration. And his House Republicans have funded the Obama overspending of which they have complained so much.

While considering Bill Cosby’s flameout under 30 – 40 year old unproven rape charges (what prevented those girls from complaining during all those years?) we thought of President Obama’s frequent White House visitor Al Sharptibm who reportedly owes some (unpaid) millions in taxes. Cosby PhD, a sometime teacher become actor is a known conservative and his gigs are being cancelled sans any evidence or trial. ‘Reverend’ Sharpton is a sometime preacher become political extortionist in our view at least. He is now a cultural black hero. Why not; his buddy Obama has a Peace Prize, right?

In another comparison, two large scale murderers of helpless people. The first: German Nazis, who sent trainloads of Jews to death camps where they were gassed to death in wholesale lots because Nazi doctrine saw them as ‘inferior’ to the Aryan master race. This gave rise to widespread disgust (after the fact) and the extirpation of the Nazis via WWII, followed by the inception of Israel. Hitler died in his bunker; Mussolini was hung from a lamppost. After of course, millions of dead at their hands.

Our comparison here is the present Moslems who murder, often gruesomely, any who are not Moslem to their standard. There is no difference between these Islamic murderers and the Nazis, but that the Germans eschewed gruesome killing, choosing efficient mass methods instead. If you are going to be killed, you might prefer the Nazia’ gas ovens to the Moslem beheadings or crucifixions. Other than the difference in method, there is no whit of difference between Moslems and Nazis in this. Both included masses of folk who didn’t behave badly; both masses supported or at least refused to deny their fanatic murderers of innocents. Both felt not only superior to their victims, but entitled to murder them as a result of that own superiority. There is no difference, morally speaking, but their languages. And they said the same things, regardless. It is clear now why Arab Moslems often remain admirers of the Nazis and deniers of the Holocaust.

Similar arrogance fed the murderous impulses the killed millions of non-communist Ukrainians and Chinese under Stalin and Mao. And did for Christians under Roman emperors and in turn, tortured and burned folk under those Christians when their turn on top arrived, during wars and inquisitions.

Pope Francis just wished for an end of wars; that is of course, a job of Poses, never mind Pope Julius who cut down his enemies from horseback,with his mace. (Comparisons can be unsettling.)

We as well as our politicians, like to indulge in comparisons, especially when we appear better somehow than the others in the matchup. That, if not admirable, is human. Knowing that, we do well to avoid the hypocrisy and acknowledge it, hoping to do better. Seems though, we still aren’t very good at it …

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4 Responses to Comparisons: Do Moslems Behave Differently Than Did Nazis? (Does Anyone Else?)

  1. Ditto for Europe – importing fascism under colour of religion. So we know what our rulers stand for .

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