Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur regular Saturday Selection, bits seeming significant, serious or silly but somehow given underwhelming news notice by the Mighty Media. All yours, as evidently, few others want them …

Europe, in  ongoing  “Free Trade”  negotiations, is resisting imports of ‘chlorine chicken’ and ‘bionic broccoli’ among the regime of ‘Frankenfoods’ mass produced and/or genetically modified in the U.S. Since  evidence of any ill results from consumption of these products is absent, we tend to recall the destructive trade wars accompanying the Great Depression;  the days of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff …

The  Min Wage in  Chicago is $10 hr. these days; matched in a few other Lefty-run places. The related rise in living costs is somehow, not considered inflation. It must be profiteering by greedy capitalists, right?

White Privilege was explained to black residents of Ferguson, MO by ‘Community Service’ agents of the Federal Department of Justice. The preferential hiring, school admissions etc. accorded blacks over whites by government policy are somehow, not privilege?

E-Sprts : Internet gamers are finding growing numbers of colleges providing teams and tuition for those students proficient enough in competition. Thumbs up?

The Department of Justice is targeting perfectly legal businesses of which it disapproves, such as paycheck lending.  If you want a job, best search only government-approved occupations …

President Obama said that the next president won’t reverse his Executive Order on Immigration. As the next Prez will be a Republican or a Democrat, we cannot (unfortunately) disagree with him. But we wonder, just a wee bit, where are those labor unions that claim to protect American labor?

Moslems accuse the U.S. and Europe of attacking their religion. Actually,  Islam  is at war with the West. But as is said, a good offense is the best defense …

Google  tells us not to fear artificial intelligence, a wise caution from the folks producing much ot it.

States  are accused of faking budget numbers to hide massive debts. What else can they do when they can’t repay them? In the city of Stockton’s ongoing bankruptcy, the city plans to fully fund the city pension plan but repay 12 cents on the dollar to lenders. (Lenders have no union) An appeal is pending.

The Wealth Gap  widens to a new record. The term ‘wealth gap’ is just another way of referring to the disappearing middle class. But we don’t want to say that, it might antagonize voters …

Spain has mandated that sources of material reported on Google, Drudge, etc, must charge those users. That’s cheaper than setting up censorship apparatus …

A new Spy drone   hacks Wi-Fi, listens to calls from cell phones.

Apparently, the Fed  has no intention of returning interest rates to market levels. That would likely crash the financial markets quicker than the present method of destroying the currency.

The aggregate value of  rUS Housing  rose to $27.5 trillion this year. Stocks are setting new records. Coincidentally, real estate and stocks are receiving the bulk of the Fed’s funny money … Could these values go –poof- – along with the funny money?

In Argentina, an Orangutan  was declared a ‘person’ with personal rights to freedom by a judge. The beast was then shipped from his zoo pad to a ‘sanctuary’ run by the animal rights group that had sued. There, the beast was naturally, penned up lest he escape. Ay de mi!

Russia’s economic crisis has forced it into bailing out some banks.

Pope Franid  is taking on the Curia; the church bureaucrats are under the gun for inappropriate life styles. This one ought to be interesting … hair shirts, anyone?

It’s claimed that Malaysian Airline  Flt MH370 was ultimately shot down by the U.S. Navy to prevent a possible 9/11 style attack after it had been highjacked. The claim comes from a former airline boss.

The Obama Administration is charging McDonald’s corporation as a “joint employer” in a labor complaint against a franchisee in an obvious attempt to help the unions who have so far failed to organize fast food. The entire legal history to date denies this status. (But it only takes one judge …)

In its putsch to improve our diets, the  FDA  plans to ban trans fats, including the colored ‘sprinkles’ commonly found on cakes and donuts. Feeling healthier yet?

An airline passenger became so enraged upon being wished a “Merry Christmas” by a flight attendant that he had to be expelled from the plane. (Scrooge Lives!)

Naked women seem to have vanished from the news with the onset of cold weather.

And so another weeks collection of the antics of our ridiculous species.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Fascinating how minimum wage increases just seem to leave us poorer then ever, isn’t it? If people would just stop trying to “help,” we might have a chance at economic survival.

    “Naked women seem to have vanished from the news with the onset of cold weather.”

    Apparently they’ve gone to the Vatican to try and steal the baby Jesus out of the nativity set. A wise move, since naked protesting in the states is rather unpleasant in winter time.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah … Minimum wage seems just another failed government price
      control policy. I don’t recall hearing of naked protesters at Ferguson,
      but that might explain the burning stores.

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